Pic Of The Day #2148

The end for Gloria, Alan Sterling’s beloved oyster boat (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

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  1. John Terpening

    The end of a golden era. A good friend, mentor, rebel and hero. I met him in the early 70’s. A man of many talents, attitudes and perspectives. I loved him like a brother……..fly free Gloria, float on lofty seas….. know that your salty sweet silhouette laying peacefully in the creek helped bring peace and comfort to all who knew you. Thank you for being the gateway to another world.

  2. Time for Gloria to rest in peace and honor Alan’s memory respectfully.

  3. So sad.

  4. Bill Scheffler

    What John, Jamie and Bobbie said. Wow.

  5. Someone, or several people, friends of Alan, should build something out of salvageable pieces of the boat to be a memorial of the boat and of Alan. I’m surprised this wasn’t done before.

  6. How sad 😔 I looked forward to Gloria stories. Couldn’t the Westport Historical Society or whatever it’s called now have made room in a corner and shown the old girl some love? People would love to go and visit with Gloria, I’m quite sure. Afterall, it’s about meaningful stories of Westport and the history of its people, and to honor the roots of Westport, right? Westporters remember and love Gloria, her captain and their history in the town. 😞

  7. Alan was such a nice giving man. He gave me his old speed graphix camera and oysters for exchange of me developing his black and white film. He really loved photography and Gloria of course.

  8. Maybe at the very least….carefully cut out the name Gloria from the bow and appropriately preserve it with a nice historical statement regarding Alan and Gloria’s shellfishing history. I would be more than willing to lead this effort if allowed by the properties owner before it becomes a distant memory.

  9. John Terpening

    I have spoken with the owner and have offered to give her a “proper and fitting” burial here on my property in upstate NY. The offer still stands.

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