“06880” Podcast: Sal Gilbertie

You can’t get more “Westport” than Sal Gilbertie.

The 3rd-generation owner of Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center — plus Gilbertie’s Organics — has quite a story.

From its beginnings as a small business started by Italian immigrants, to its explosive growth as the flower and herb industries boomed, to its current emphasis on organic agriculture, Gilbertie’s has been part of our town.

There are tons of stories — and 86-year-old Sal Gilbertie tells them engagingly, and well.

I learned a ton during our chat at the Westport Library Trefz Forum. Click below, for a fascinating half hour:

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  1. That was a fantastic listen. And being the native that I am, all the names made sense to me. I swear Sal is 86 going on 56..

  2. Enjoyed this interview!

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