Photo Challenge #424

There’s a group of regulars who usually — and quickly — identify our weekly Photo Challenge.

Last Sunday, they were replaced by newcomers.

I’m not sure why. All I can guess is that the indoor image — the fish tank at Pink Sumo restaurant — was familiar to a different audience than our more common outdoor ones. (Click here to see.)

Congratulations to Lisa Rowan, Stefani Schwartz, Seth Schachter, Jenn Mehok and Clark Thiemann. Good luck with this week’s challenge — even if it’s not found at a sushi place.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Leigh Gage)

7 responses to “Photo Challenge #424

  1. Concession stand at Sherwood

  2. Sherwood Island Pavilion Concession stand near the 9/11 memorial

  3. JR’s Stand on Riverside?

  4. Ian and Andrew are correct: the Sherwood Island State Park concession stand. Very observant!

  5. Andrew is a Westport treasure. So smart!

  6. Side of concession structure at Sherwood Island beach.

  7. Jenna Marie Gerla

    Elvira’s ?

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