Friday Flashback #334

Two Westport icons combine in this 1980s-era 1967 photo: the Saugatuck train station, and revered Staples High School English teacher/noted photographer Karl Decker.

The image was reproduced widely, on posters and postcards. This version was sent by 1992 Staples graduate Tracy Stein Hinson.

(Photo/Karl Decker)

10 responses to “Friday Flashback #334

  1. Wonderfully transports me back to those 80’s commuting days !

  2. This looks older than the ’80s to me. I was using a different station then, though on the same line, and my recollection is that the raised platforms went in during the ’70s, so if this is the view from the track side, which it looks like it is, then this would have been taken several years before 1980.

  3. Karl used to send me home from school for hair too long, or no socks….a couple of years later he “transformed” and had hair in a pony tail. .. Never had him as a teacher.. He wasn’t one of my favorites… Good photo.

  4. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    Great photo, but I agree with Iain that it looks older than the 80’s. I had Mr. Decker for a couple of classes and he had a great sense of humor. He would come up with great zingers in comeback to some of my wise-assery. I didn’t know he had a talent for photography.

  5. mary lou cookman

    This also looks older than the 80’s to me also. However, seeing it in person might show the posters better which would pinpoint the date. In any case I loved it.

  6. I communted to the city 1981 to 1982 and I do not remember the train station looking like this at all. It was cleaner at least
    I agree with others this must be older

  7. Jack (Eagle-eye) Backiel

    Look at the clothes for a hint as to the age of the photo. Look at the men’s shoes and the woman’s dress. Remember I’m the one who saw the people wearing masks in Dan’s picture and pegged the year as 1919. It was a picture of a wagon with men on horseback.

  8. I tracked down the original poster. It was taken in 1967. Thanks, all!

  9. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    1967. The year before America went insane.

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