Photo Challenge #422

I’ve long marveled at the front counter at Rye Ridge Deli.

Filled with fascinating food — chocolate-covered pretzels! red velvet cake! M&M confections! – it is no place for dieters.

It is a great place though for a colorful photo like the one in last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.) 

And although I’ve never seen anyone actually order anything from the tempting front counter, plenty of readers knew exactly where it was. (For readers of a certain age: Rye Ridge replaced Oscar’s Deli several years ago, after Lee Papageorge died.)

Congratulations to Kelly Konstanty, Mark Heilshorn, Randy Herbertson, Jeannie Pearl, Lisa Price, Dennis Jackson, Todd Ehrlich, Andrew Colabella, Tammy  Barry, William Gibson, Sandy Nathan, Diane Silfen, Rachel Halperin Zobelman, Susan Yules, Martin Gitlin, Seth Braunstein, Jennifer Zorek-Pressman, Wendy Schaefer, Lisa Hayes and Bobbi Essagof.

You win last week’s Photo Challenge. First prize could be one of those 10-pound Hershey Kisses that sit in front of the counter.

Except I know this is the New Year, and you all resolved to eat healthy this year.

Today’s Photo Challenge is here. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


16 responses to “Photo Challenge #422

  1. I’m glad attorney Joe Tacopina turned against Trump. It’s hard for me to understand why any decent person would support a traitor. A liar. A man who cheats charity. And so on. I hope Trump will be held accountable. No one would get away with the behavior that Trump has done.

    • David J. Loffredo

      Eventually you’ll need to Google “Biden Ukraine” and then explain the tax payer $$ we have sent abroad with zero accountability.

      • “Accountability”? For what? Maybe you mean “achievement”, as in restoring peace and independence to Ukraine. Surely you are in favor of that?

      • We’re you budget conscious when Trump raised the national debt 25 per cent? Did you call Trump out for wild spending and major tax cuts to the wealthy ? Biden has cut the national debt.

  2. Staples

  3. Staples High School.

  4. Alicia Kaye Kronick


  5. Staples High School

  6. All incorrect!

  7. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Long Lots Elem.

  8. The roof of the Westport Library! As seen from the Levitt side.

  9. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Long Lots Elementary

  10. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Agree with Brandon. The library.

  11. Yep. The Library.

  12. Finally! Brandon, Lynn and Iain: correct. It is the Library — a view most people never look up to see.

  13. Andrew Colabella

    Top of library, facing levitt pavilion

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