Photo Challenge #421

For over 8 years, our Sunday Photo Challenge has highlighted scenes all over Westport.

Some are easy. Some are — well, challenging.

But none elicited as many wrong answers as last week’s. Responses were — literally — all over the map.

Readers guessed that Lynn Untermeyer Miller’s image showed Longshore, Winslow Park, Temple Israel, Taylortown Marsh, Sherwood Island State Park, the Leonard Schine Preserve, Riverside Park and Greens Farms Academy.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no.

The serene scene actually showed the walking path behind Bedford Middle School. It links Staples High — by the pool and Paul Lane Field — with the Wakeman Park athletic facilities. (Click here to see.)

Jen Dennison was — after quite a while — the first reader to correctly guess the spot. Brandon Malin — who said he spent plenty of time walking and skateboarding there, during Staples phys. ed. classes — followed soon.

One reader groused: “I don’t think it’s a fair picture. There are so many paths that look like that in Westport. When you’re walking and enjoying nature you don’t study exactly where you are. It’s sort of saying I’ll meet you near the trees.”

Hey: That’s why it’s called a Photo “Challenge”!

This week’s image might elicit a similar complaint. Sure, it could be many places in Westport.

But it’s only one.

Chew on it for a while. Then — if you think you know where you’d see this — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

28 responses to “Photo Challenge #421

  1. Rye ridge deli 🙂

  2. Rye Bridge

  3. I would hesitate to guess that it might be a bakery, or an eatery which features sweets.

    ; (

  4. The old Ice Cream Parlor of the time when mobile phones were attached to the wall, wireless technology meant a notebook and pencil, and people actually spoke to each other face to face—the 60’s.

  5. I would hesitate to guess that it might be a bakery, or an eatery which features sweets.

    One which Dan enjoys.

  6. Randy Herbertson

    Rye Ridge Deli

  7. Rye Ridge Deli

  8. It’s Rye Ridge deli

  9. Well, that was an easy one. Rye Ridge Deli, for sure.

  10. Alicia Kaye Kronick

    Stop and Shop bakery

  11. The place that used to be Oscar’s after Lee moved it to the “County Bazaar Building”!

  12. Rye Rodge Deli

  13. Andrew Colabella

    Rye Ridge! I have tried almost ALL of them 🤣

  14. Rye Ridge! YUM!!

  15. The front counter at the Rye Ridge Deli

  16. Looks strikingly like Rye Ridge Deli

  17. Rhy Ridge

  18. Rachel Halperin-Zibelman

    Looks like Rye Ridge to me 🙂

  19. Is that at Aux Delices Foods?

  20. Rye Ridge deli

  21. Rye RIdge Deli!

  22. Seth Braunstein

    Treat counter at Rye Ridge Deli

  23. Jennifer Zorek-Pressman

    Rye Ridge Deli

  24. Yum! Rye Ridge Deli.

  25. Rye Ridge Deli?

  26. Rye Ridge Deli?

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