Unsung Heroes #269

As animal control officer, Peter Reid does plenty of heroic things. “06880” readers appreciate him — and in November 2021, he was our Unsung Hero of the Week.

Today, Peter pays it forward. He writes:

Last week, the Animal Control department received a call from a citizen reporting that a deer was stuck in her fence.

I went to the scene, but could not free the deer with the tools I had.

Deer stuck in fence. (Photo/Peter Reid)

I called the Westport Fire Department for assistance. Soon there were a lot of very competent firefighters on the scene, with the know-how to do the job.

The deer was freed. Although she was initially weak and shocked, and had suffered abrasions on both sides of her torso, I was able to guide her out a gate. She left the scene under her own power, and was last seen running into the relative safety of a stretch of woods.

I want to nominate the Fire Department as Unsung Heroes. They have helped me rescue animals before. Quite often we are so focused on the task we don’t take photos, but this time I did.

Firefighters at work. (Photo courtesy of Westport Fire Department)

Thanks, Peter. Like you, the Westport Fire Department goes far beyond its job description — often without notice.

This time, their good deeds were seen. Now they can be appreciated by many.

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10 responses to “Unsung Heroes #269

  1. Just a huge THANK YOU to Animal Control and the Fire Department for your help in freeing this deer. I would like to think she was “non-verbally” very appreciative of your efforts !!

  2. Good choice. Both the WFD and Peter saved a red fox trapped in a window well across the street from me last week. I was lucky enough to witness the release.

  3. Thank you WFD and Animal Control for helping the animals that cannot help themselves.

  4. Great job!

  5. rosemary milligan

    A great story with a happy ending.

  6. Thank you for recognizing Peter Reid. He and his wife Dara have been working for the last 35+ years to care for debilitated wildlife and this is yet another example of their tireless work to preserve the beauty of this beautiful community.

  7. Nancy Sherburne

    That was good thinking, Mr. Reid, to call the fire department for help when you realized you were not equipped to do it yourself. I hope the deer has a greater respect for fences so she won’t get caught in one again.

  8. Why wouldn’t we call Andrew Colabella to rip those rails apart with his Super Human, Hulk like strength?

    Was Thumper waiting I hope!

  9. Linda Pomerantz novis

    Great Story-

  10. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    The fence is the problem. Not the deer. Open borders for all undocumented migrants including non human ones. Stop being so selfish. Let animals be animals. What once were “dog catchers” are now “Animal Control Officers.” What once was a “fireman” is now a “special consultant to the Animal Control Officer.” Meanwhile, leaf blowers continue their uncontrolled assault on the Eustachian tubes of the suburban elite. Why isn’t the President’s son allowed to exhibit his artwork on 06880? Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

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