Unsung Heroes #268

Alert “06880” reader Barbara Sherburne writes:

I have never owned a dog. I have only had cats as pets.

But I really feel for dog owners who walk their dogs several times a day, even when it is 9 degrees outside.

I could never have done that. Not to mention getting up at the crack of dawn to take their dog for a walk.

When a dog’s gotta go… (Photo/Bobbi Essagof)

Cats are fairly easy to take care of. The biggest chore is cleaning the litter box and filling it with new litter. Buying the litter and carrying it up porch steps and into the apartment is about as difficult as it gets.

Even so, I no longer have a cat. Beau died in 2021. I knew long before that that I would never get another cat once he died.

So I really admire people who have dogs and walk them in all kinds of weather: scorching hot, rain, snow, frigid temperatures.

I’ve seen those dog owners at Winslow Park too. They’re hardy, loving — and a very sociable bunch too. Congratulations: You’re our Unsung Heroes of the Week!

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16 responses to “Unsung Heroes #268

  1. I would just like to say thank you so much for this very well-deserved recognition. I would also like to thank my coat, hat and mittens for all their support throughout the years. And please ignore the times you may have heard me saying “Rosie would you just go already?” I’m sure you must have misunderstood… 🙂

  2. “A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

  3. The dog is the unsung hero.

    • Barbara Sherburne '67

      I agree, Richard. Where I live in Wallingford, CT, there are a lot of dog walkers on this street. I know a lot of the dogs and their owners, and for some reason dogs love me, and I love them too.

  4. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    My dog days are over. I loved them all. My current cat is about 15. Molly Donovan connected me with this dear rescue cat. I have decided that when my kitty goes I will adopt an unadoptable cat. An old cat or a blind or three legged cat. I really depend on the other personality in the house. The thing is though I have made arrangements that any cat I have will go to a no-kill shelter if no one close to me will take them. The idea would be to leave some $$$ to that shelter. Sorry to wax maudlin here.

  5. Tell me this nomination is satire…..please. Or were there zero submissions for “Westports Unsung Heroes” this week outside of this joke?

  6. rosemary milligan

    double wow!

  7. Bow wow

  8. Only the ones that pickup their dogs poop. You have to watch how some look the other way as their dog does his business.. that way they can say “ oh I never saw my dog doing that” that’s what they say when you remind them it’s the law to pickup after your dog. The entitled of Westport think everyone else is stupid or blind

  9. I have had dogs and cats and loved them all. But the last three pets I’ve had have been cats. The simple reason is that I cannot take the responsibility of walking dogs twice a day (or more).

    My present fur baby is Desiree, now five years old, who is lovable and affectionate, mischievous as all get-out, who snuggles up to me whenever I sit watching TV.

    I consider her my Unsung Hero. She doesn’t ask for much — just a full dish, a clean litter box, and frequent belly rubs. And in return, she gives me lots of unconditional love.

  10. I grew up with both dogs and cats in the family. So I saw first hand what it took to care for each. Once I left my parents’ home, I knew a cat or two (or three or four!) would be my faithful companions. And so, they are.

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