Roundup: Auction Winner, Rolls-Royce …

Congratulations — we have a winner!

An “06880” reader bid $1,500. She’ll receive an oil painting, painted by an artist in Marigny, Westport’s sister city in France.

Our friends overseas donated it, as part of our fundraiser for our other sister city: Lyman, Ukraine. Together, Westport and Marigny are helping the besieged city recover from Russian occupation.

The need is great, for building supplies, generators and a water filtration system. We set a goal of $250,000. So far we’ve raised over $186,000. Please help us hit that mark!

Please click here. Click the “I want to support” box; then select “Support for the City of Lyman.” Scroll down on that page for other tax-deductible donation options (mail, wire transfer and Venmo). You can also donate directly, via Stripe (click here).

This Marigny scene raised $1,500 for Lyman, Ukraine.


(Photo/Richard Webb)

Yes, this is a Rolls-Royce.

Yes, it’s parked in the fire lane at Stop & Shop.

And yes, those are Hermès gift bags on the front seats, in a color scheme to match the top of the Very Important Vehicle.


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” image takes us behind Jr’s Deli & Grille, on the Saugatuck River.

Sure, it’s frigid.

Unless you’re a duck.

(Photo/William Whitmal)


And finally … Happy Boxing Day!

(Wondering how to celebrate Boxing Day? Please click here, for a donation to “06880.” Thank you!)


14 responses to “Roundup: Auction Winner, Rolls-Royce …

  1. The Stop & Shop parking lot is Westport’s most hazardous – if you happen to be a car. The whole thing is built on a slope and those unmanned shopping carts probably weigh 60 pounds or so… Forget personal convenience; the obvious anti-social bit notwithstanding, parking your six figure pantechicon in front of the store entrance at the BOTTOM of that slope is really inviting trouble. I tie my horsie up at the top of the lot and then pray gravity doesn’t go offline while I’m in the store.

  2. Bill Strittmatter

    Isn’t failure to display a front license plate a ticketable offense? Just curious.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      According to Alexa, nearly half the states do not require a front license plate.

    • Many police vehicles in both Westport and Fairfield don’t sport front plates. But yes, technically required in CT.

  3. Morley Boyd is correct. At first I thought the choice of spot was because there are no cars around, but Morley is correct a shopping cart can roll right into the Rolls
    Really there are better places than S&S to pick up Cavier

    • The car’s driver was overheard arguing with the store manager. Apparently, there was some question as to whether Stop & Shop would honor a two for one special on Grey Poupon.

  4. Regarding the RR, it just goes to show that money can’t buy class…

  5. Carl Addison Swanson '66

    Oh please, safe us the pretentiousness. My attorney tells me about half of his clients are over a year in arrears on their mortgages.

  6. rosemary milligan

    Tow the Rolls.

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    The car in the picture may look like a Rolls Royce but it is actually a Ganeshramobile, a self-driving, self-serving, historically cultured hybrid vehicle. It double parks itself, takes clean, honest energy parasitically siphoned from other cars and converts it into toxic waste used in recipes featured in cookbooks sold to the easily manipulated. It’s becoming quite the status symbol in Westport.

  8. Dissing Hermes? There must be a Hermes store in Westport.

  9. I saw the Rolls – it was running, with a very cute white dog in the driver seat. And the trunk was open with a shopping bag from Mitchells. It gave me a good laugh.

  10. To be fair, this is far from the only car that sees the Fire Lane as an opportune parking spot. I at least give them credit for not parking exactly where the curb cut is, which represents such a lack of self-awareness it can only be intentional.

    As with every other type of “assault on quality of life” behavior we see around here, the only way for it to stop is if people actually start enforcing the rules. Regardless of whether it’s a Rolls or a rusted-out-Gremlin.

  11. Jeff Van Gelder

    Lomito will be truly Peruvian if ants, grubs, guinea pigs, chicken feet and hooves are on the menu. I have heard stories….
    Full disclosure – the only ones of these I have actually eaten were ants (Peruvian friend in Brazil) and hooves (Peruvian restaurant in Amsterdam).
    Please keep us updated.
    Hope you are healthy and happy, have a great 2023, it’s gotta be better than the past 3 years!