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Roundup: Auction Winner, Rolls-Royce …

Congratulations — we have a winner!

An “06880” reader bid $1,500. She’ll receive an oil painting, painted by an artist in Marigny, Westport’s sister city in France.

Our friends overseas donated it, as part of our fundraiser for our other sister city: Lyman, Ukraine. Together, Westport and Marigny are helping the besieged city recover from Russian occupation.

The need is great, for building supplies, generators and a water filtration system. We set a goal of $250,000. So far we’ve raised over $186,000. Please help us hit that mark!

Please click here. Click the “I want to support” box; then select “Support for the City of Lyman.” Scroll down on that page for other tax-deductible donation options (mail, wire transfer and Venmo). You can also donate directly, via Stripe (click here).

This Marigny scene raised $1,500 for Lyman, Ukraine.


(Photo/Richard Webb)

Yes, this is a Rolls-Royce.

Yes, it’s parked in the fire lane at Stop & Shop.

And yes, those are Hermès gift bags on the front seats, in a color scheme to match the top of the Very Important Vehicle.


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” image takes us behind Jr’s Deli & Grille, on the Saugatuck River.

Sure, it’s frigid.

Unless you’re a duck.

(Photo/William Whitmal)


And finally … Happy Boxing Day!

(Wondering how to celebrate Boxing Day? Please click here, for a donation to “06880.” Thank you!)


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