Pic Of The Day #2075

Town Hall (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

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  1. I so love that building, our old beloved Bedford Elementary 💗.

  2. Best Elementary School EVER!

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    All it lacks is it’s own Wall of Remembrance.
    It would look great next to the cookbooks across the hall from Jen’s office.
    Voice from the softball field: “Feel his pain”
    Q: “Is this Heaven?”
    A: “No, it’s the Westport Museum of History and Culture.”

  4. I was in the upper right classroom on 11/22/63. Someone came to the door and spoke to our teacher who immediately began crying. She conveyed the news to us and there was a sense of disbelief which she addressed by instructing us to look out that window to see the flag being lowered to half staff. I did. Nothing was quite the same after that.

  5. 2nd floor behind the pillars – The Library! Where I learned how to Dewey Decimal, wandered the shelves when I could, reading Seuss (And To Think I Saw…; Horton etc., all likely original editions), older-age historical adventure books (one on Phoenician purple dye traders), and being introuced to Thoreau (to me a BIG book – Dodd-Mead classics edition). The bust of very bewiskered Mr. Bedford in its niche above the shelves by the door. And the signed Little Toot illustration up on the outside wall over the librarian’s desk! Thank you, Hardie G. (Still the town collection?) A promise of more library time would have bribed me to be a better student.

    But my memory fails me on the name of the long-term librarian (1950s-1960s). Anyone?

    • Eleanor Street?

      • Robert M Gerrity

        Thanks! But, no. Eleanor was the WPL director as I was growing up. Lived across the street from me on Tamarac. Corner house. Never married, lived with aged (to me) Mom. Talked to me about getting an MLS. Should have. I may have to ask the Library itself to check town emplyee directories from then. Recalling names has always been a problem unless I am working directly with them or they are Very Historical. Names in my class? Can’t do 98%. And names to faces? Aaaarrgghh. If I ever make another reunion, will have to memorize my yearbook (now up at Ancestry). Your visuals really do scratch things up from where they are buried along with the Lost Ark of The Covenant.

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