Friday Flashback #325

Westporters have many options for holiday shopping, and festive meals.

Of course, our retail and restaurant scene is always in flux.

A look at this “board game” from the 1980s shows how much has changed since then.

(Courtesy of Ashley Hemson, via Facebook)

Nearly every business is gone: Remarkable Book Shop. Soup’s On. Daybreak Florist. Max’s Art Supplies. Silver’s. Tacos or What?

But we’ve still got Achorn Pharmacy.

And the Duck.

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11 responses to “Friday Flashback #325

  1. Baker graphics, the Toyota dealer (though they have changed hands a couple of times since), Westport autocraft, Quigley electric, are a few places that are still around.

  2. This Westport game was sold in Kleins – which is also gone. It was displayed – not this one but another one – at the Westport Historical Society Maps exhibit years ago. The WHS game is still at the Society.

  3. Dan, it seems like an updated version of Townopoly would make a great fundraiser for 06880…I’m sure local businesses would be interested in getting their names on the game board, and I’m sure there would be a lot of interest. Just a thought.

  4. What determined which business was where? Presumably Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue spots were filled with low end businesses. And were they grouped in meaningful color blocks–perhaps by what they sold?

  5. Westport Glass, Westport Auto Craft, Baker Graphics (new location), Westfair Fish, Weichert Real Estate, are some that are still on board. (sorry for the pun).

  6. Weichert, as they say “has left the building.” Jim Weichert et al, never could get a handle in the Connecticut market. In Jersey they do well there.

  7. I drove down Main Street today and didn’t recognize anything. Ann Taylor, Laura Ashley, Oscar’s, Klein’s, Aspasia (spelling?), Gristede’s, Leather & Tweed (I think that was the name). All gone to that Mall in the Sky.

  8. I’m surprised the Merritt Superette didn’t make it to the board.

  9. I miss Soup’s On the most. My mom used to visit at least once a week after I moved here in 1989 and we always ate there, never sure if we loved the soup or the wonderful trays more! Great memories, thanks Dan

    • Lynn Untermeyer Miller

      Soups On!
      Sitting at the window seat with a friend, sipping wonderful soup and watching the the world go by…

  10. Wow memories! WMMM! Every morning we’d listen to John LaBarca before school, trying to win call-in contests. And if we won we’d go over and pick up whatever it was (a mug or something) above Oscars. And then stop at Remarkable or Vie de France on the way home. So glad I grew up with 1970’s Main St.!

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