“Westport … What’s Happening”: Jen Tooker On Traffic, Downtown Plan And Human Services

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker returns, for another Y’s Men of Westport and Weston podcast.

This week she answers questions sent in by residents about traffic impacting the downtown plan, and whether it will include a study.

She also discusses the very important role the Department of Human Services plays in town, offering financial and support services to families in need.

It’s especially important during the holidays, when economic and other pressures are strong. Tooker provides important information about DHS programs, and how to access them.

Click below to listen:

4 responses to ““Westport … What’s Happening”: Jen Tooker On Traffic, Downtown Plan And Human Services

  1. Is it appropriate to ask Jenn Tooker a question about the leader of the Republican Party ?

  2. Richard, Are you referring to Marjorie Taylor Greene?

  3. Hi Jack. Im referring to the lewd man in chief. I would like to hear republicans stand up and denounce antisemitic rhetoric. Mar Largo is the place where Natzi feel at home. Republicans Do Not See. They pretend. They fail to denounce horrific behavior I have not heard much from local clergy and local politicians with redirect to Holocaust denial and other anti demotic behavior. Then to top it off the liar in chief calls for the destruction of the USA constitution. Should our local politicians comment ??

  4. Ohhhh.. You’re referring to my former neighbor on South Ocean Blvd….Donald tRump. The one who wants to cancel the Constitution and be reinstated as the President! The one who claims he won the 2020 election by 860 million votes. Now I get it.

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