Photo Challenge #414

Generations of Westporters (including yours truly) have jumped off the Sherwood Mill Pond wooden bridge, leading from Old Mill to Compo Cove.

It was done long before I was a kid. And it continues long after.

A “Danger/No Diving or Jumping” sign — installed a couple of summers ago — has done little to deter the age-old fun. In fact, parents sometimes bring their kids, so they too can enjoy the rite of passage.

The sign was last week’s Photo Challenge (click here to see). A ton of readers knew where it was — and, presumably, know that a simple sign will not stop such a long-standing (and fun) tradition.

Congratulations to Richard Stein, Matt Murray, Vanessa Bradford, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Ed Sanford, Ed Creevy, Bobbie Herman, Dave Eason, Andrew Colabella, Betty Walker, Jeff Jacobs, Tom Green, Nancie Rinaldi, Adam Starr, Rick Benson and Jim Elkind.

Long may you jump!

This week’s Photo Challenge is much more difficult. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Wendy Schaefer)

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3 responses to “Photo Challenge #414

  1. Andrew Colabella


  2. John D McCarthy

    Agreed, Gilberties

  3. Andrew and John, you guys are GOOD. I didn’t think anyone would get this.

    It’s on one of the barns at Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center, site of the winter Westport Farmers’ Market. Well done!