Pics Of The Day #2031

Readers sent tons of full moon photos last night. This Compo Beach shot was one of the best … (Photo/Sunil Hirani)

… while this one caught our eye too (Photo/Carl McNair)


2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #2031

  1. Nancy Sherburne

    A truly beautiful photo of a full moon over Compo Beach, it led me to find out how the beach my family and I visited while I was growing up in Weston and Westport got its name. Turns out Compo came from the word Compaug meaning bear’s fishing ground from the Paugussett tribe who settled there. One of several questions my search engine displayed on my screen asked if Westport is a wealthy town. The answer said it is home to “some of the most affluent residents of Connecticut” with a median household income of $206,466.

  2. where is the life jacket? its the law.