Roundup: Movie Shoot, “Candidate” Movie, Halloween Painting …

Jesup Green was the site of an anti-racism rally yesterday.

Well – the movie version of one, anyway.

Local filmmaker/Staples High School graduate/former Westport Journal editor Jarret Liotta hopes to make sense of current events — racism, gun violence and cancel culture — with a new dark comedy short film, “Small Town Movie.”

Yesterday’s shoot was the final scene in the project. Liotta has worked on the movie for a month. He hopes to finish by the end of the year.

The script is timely. The intent, he says, is to “poke fun at everyone equally, regardless of their social or political views, and hopefully to give everyone a minor epiphany about themselves and the world we live in.”

Yesterday’s crew included Westporter Isabella Bullock, who served as assistant producer; director of photography Liam Hanley, and production assistant Joey Fassarella.

Liotta is producing the film “basically out of pocket.” Among his supporters: Ruth Mannes, executive director of MoCA Westport; longtime Westport resident Judy Hardy; Bob Saloomey, owner of S&S Dugout in Southport, and Kyle Overturf, manager of the Blue Trail Range in Wallingford.

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Cast and crew at yesterday’s “rally against racism” movie shoot on Jesup Green. Jarret Liotta is at far right.


Meanwhile, a completed film — “The Candidate,” with Robert Redford — screens tomorrow at the Remarkable Theater. The timing is important: a week before Election Day.

The Imperial Avenue lot opens at 5 p.m. for tailgating. The movie begins at 6. Click here for tickets.


On Saturday, dozens of Westport youngsters painted Halloween scenes on store windows all over town.

They did the Senior Center too. That was the project of Greens Farms Elementary School Girl Scouts Troop 50588. The event was sponsored by the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce.

Making the Senior Center scary.


Bill Ryan spotted this boat name at the Ned Dimes Marina.

He says, “I suspect the vessel’s owner has a good sense of humor, rather than a graphic artist with a spelling problem.”

(Photo/Bill Ryan)


You’ve heard of the dog days of summer ?

Here — just in time for today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature — are the dog days of fall:

(Photo/Celia Campbell-Mohn)


Lenny Lipton — the Cornell University college freshman who wrote the words to “Puff the Magic Dragon,” which his friend and fellow physics major Peter Yarrow later put to music — died this month in Los Angeles, of brain cancer. He was 82.

Click here for a full obituary.

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  1. Re: Wetsport
    Yes, we meant to do that and appreciate being noticed (10+ years after purchasing.) Most weekend high tides you will find my husband and his waterskiing pals enjoying the Sound. Our happy place is enjoying Wet Sports in Westport!

    • When I was the parts manager at Toyota of Westport, the factory technical representative would call it Toyota of Wetspot. 🙂

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    “Now what do we do?”