Online Art Gallery #132

Today’s online art gallery includes Mona Lisa — unrolled.

That’s just one of the very intriguing near-dozen submissions today.

As I always say: This is your feature. All readers are invited to contribute. Age, level of experience, subject matter — there are no restrictions.

All genres are encouraged. Watercolors, oils, charcoal, pen-and-ink, acrylics, lithographs, macramé, jewelry, sculpture, decoupage and (yes) needlepoint — whatever you’ve got, email it to Share your work with the world!

“Calming Connection” — Photographer Mike Hibbard explains: “The lead mule was in a string bringing supplies to a crew repairing trails and bridges in Olympic National Park.”

“Mona Rolla” — Artist Norm Siegel says: “Oil on canvas with real rollers
attached to the canvas.”

“Clouds” (Sharon Paulsen)

Untitled — Photographer Laurie Sorensen says: “I took this photo in New York City by the ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. I see why the birds voiced their complaint!”

“Trying to Stay Awake in the Subway” (Lawrence Weisman)

“A Grocery Cart Checks Out Her Shadow” (Peter Barlow)

“Sorry, I Won’t Repeat That” (Steve Stein)

“In the Clouds” (Karen Weingarten)

“Pre-Dawn Fall Morning” (Sunil Hirani)

“Dark Oasis” (Andrew Colabella)

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