Friday Flashback #316

The other day, Eve Potts called.

The longtime Westporter and noted historian had some home movies, from the 1930s. They were taken by the Kelly family at Compo Beach, and had been converted to DVD. Was I interested?

The 17-minute show was intriguing — though like any home movie of any time, it would be of far more interest if I actually knew who was in it. (It would have been better with a tripod too, and not shot directly into the sun. But hey …)

Compo Beach and Soundview look very familiar. Except for fewer rocks, it’s the same scenery as today.

Except for this screenshot.

It shows Schlaet’s Point at the northern end of the beach, where Soundview meets Hillspoint/South Compo.

But what do you notice that’s different, nearly 100 years ago? (I’m not talking about bathing suit styles.)

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12 responses to “Friday Flashback #316

  1. If Schaets Point was it the funky boathouse / pavilion, same style as the house across the street?
    PS where I think you hung 🤔 out in the day

  2. Vanessa Bradford

    No jetty

  3. hard to tell clearly from the picture, but it looks like the Schlaets Point jetty was not yet built when the picture was taken

  4. Brooks Sumberg


  5. John D McCarthy

    That whole walking-on-water thing is pretty cool

  6. Sally Palmer


  7. Jalna Jaeger

    No jette!


    Is that a lighthouse in the distance?

  9. Cristina Negrin

    No Jette and those trees!

  10. I don’t see a lighthouse. But definitely no jetty.