Roundup: Mark Blake, Sue Pfister, Consignment Furniture …

Bagpipes played, colleagues saluted, and hundreds of mourners grieved yesterday, as Mark Blake was laid to rest.

Mark Blake leaves St. Matthew Church for the last time …

The beloved Westport Emergency Medical Services crew chief and Weston EMS volunteer died last week, after a long battle with COVID. After a funeral at St. Matthew Church in Norwalk he was buried in Westport’s Willowbrook Cemetery.

“A servant on earth, now a servant in heaven,” one admirer said.

… as friends and colleagues pay tribute. (Photos/Andrew Colabella)


As soon as Sue Pfister announced her retirement yesterday, after 35 years as director of Westport’s Senior Center, tributes began pouring in.

They’ll continue through the day she leaves the place she loves, on Imperial Avenue.

I was fortunate to interview Sue on my “06880” podcast at the Westport Library last February. To get a sense of what she means to Westport — and to enjoy her energy, wisdom, enormous commitment and lively sense of humor — click here, then scroll down to February 18.

Sue Pfister


The saga of 233 Hillspoint Road — aka “The Blue House” — may be nearing an end.

For more than 2 years, construction of a large home to replace Positano restaurant has been halted, due to permit violations. The structure has been wrapped in blue construction material ever since.

This summer, the Zoning Board of Appeals reached a settlement with the owners.

This morning, lumber was delivered to the site.

Ah, progress! (Hat tip: Totney Benson)

Lumber at 233 Hillspoint Road (Photo/Totney Benson)


Speaking of blight … a reader writes:

“The Furniture on Consignment outlet on the Post Road near Izzo’s  and Castle Wine is a junk heap, and a blight on the whole area.

“I believe that residents of Regents Park across the road have tried to do something, without success. I think the same may be  true of Castle Wine, which is next door.

“Surely the town must have regulations on the  books which enable it to address issues like this.”

Furniture on Consignment

Well … click here for a copy of Westport’s “anti-blight provisions.”

Is the consignment store simply showcasing its merchandise? Or is it “dilapidated”?

That’s above my pay grade.


Positive Directions is taking its October 6 Open House & Wellness Fair in a very positive direction.

The event (3 to 6 p.m., 90 Post Road West) includes free behavioral health and blood pressure screenings, a “sensory café,” prevention awareness activities and more. For more information, click here.


The next “Andrew Wilk Presents …” is a musical highlight.

The Emmy Award-winning TV, film, music and media producer (and longtime executive producer of Live From Lincoln Center) brings American String Quartet violinist Peter Winograd and celebrated pianist Rohan De Silva to the Westport Library on October 16 (2 p.m.).

They’ll perform — and also answer questions from Wilk. Click here for more information, and to register for a seat in the Trefz Forum.


There’s something fishy about today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo.

Here it is: from the Ned Dimes Marina, at Compo Beach:

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)


And finally … speaking of today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo (above):


6 responses to “Roundup: Mark Blake, Sue Pfister, Consignment Furniture …

  1. Re consignment shop, keeping furniture outside may not be too pretty, but I don’t think it counts as a “junk heap.” I suggest that this be handled by a general business regulation, not a blight law. BTW there are other businesses storing wares in public view spaces: the auto body shop on Riverside Ave., next to Rive Bistro, keeps customer cars awaiting repair in public parking spaces on a state highway. I assume they’re allowed to operate in this unsuitable space because the business is grandfathered.

  2. Stores like Furniture on Consignment are treasures! You never know what you will find. And I believe having some of their items out in front will often tempt people to stop in. The northeast if full of these types of little shops, and I don’t consider it blight at all. We’ve moved full on into Stepford Wives territory already – the town is wonderful, but losing every tiny bit of charm and individuality is a shame.

  3. I agree with the blight situation of the consignment store but even worse is the logging camp on the corner of Post Road and Hills Point. That is ridiculous and I’m always thinking dangerous – suppose one of those gigantic logs rolls off the heap

  4. Donald Bergmann

    Sue Pfister, a cool woman, energetic, served Westport, particularly the Senior Center, with skill and enthusiasm and achieved so much for our Town. I will miss Sue and I wish her all the best.

  5. Eugenie Schomer

    Seriously, Westport? A fun, quirky store like Furniture on Consignment, where you can always find unusual treasures, or just have an entertaining chat with Jim, the owner, now constitutes blight? Just because something isn’t to your taste doesn’t mean it’s bad. (Btw Martha Stewart used to shop there all the time and featured her good friend Jim on her recent America’s Greatest Tag Sale).