What’s Happening, Westport? Jen Tooker Talks About Log Piles And Long Lots

What’s up with the log pile at the corner of the Post Road and Roseville Road?

How about a major new project: renovation of Long Lots Elementary School?

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker answers those questions, from Dick Kalt of the Y’s Men of Westport and Weston.

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3 responses to “What’s Happening, Westport? Jen Tooker Talks About Log Piles And Long Lots

  1. Another truck was wedged under the Rt 136 underpasss yesterday. Ms Tooker says this is a state issue but she needs to apply leadership here to fix the signalling problem here as this will become a major problem sometime in the future

  2. Robert Harrington

    As a Board of Education member – I am looking forward to a brand new School at Long Lots. This is exactly what our students and parents deserve. An exciting modern learning facility – INSIDE and out.

    Can’t wait to see a brand new Lot Lots in Westport. Our Elementary schools need to to be brought into the 21st century as modern places for learning. Our Teachers and students are fantastic – now we need 1st class modern school buildings too. At Long Lots – AND beyond Long Lots.

    We need to properly invest in our children’s future and position us strongly for the next 50 years and beyond.

  3. Interesting that the town is suing the owners of the lot on the corner of Post & Roseville. I think it’s clear it’s not being used by a “landscaping business.” That lot has been vacant since forever, now it’s where a tree guy stores his wood and equipment.