Roundup: Teardowns, Trees, Artists …

The streetscape of Compo Road South near the beach will soon change.

Demolition permits have been issues for 2 homes between the Minute Man monument and Soundview Drive.

This house at 330 Compo Road South will soon be gone:

So will this one, at #296. It’s set back from the road, behind a thicket of trees and bushes.

A third Compo Beach South house — though north of the Greens Farms/Bridge Street intersection — will also be torn down. It’s #162, though the driveway is on Ivanhoe Lane:

(Photos/Dan Woog)


Speaking of removals … Bob Weingarten writes:

“In the last few years, I’ve seen ribbons placed around trees that are to be cut-down by the town. Recently I noticed a more modern, effective and imaginative notice: one that’s written. Thank you to the tree warden and his staff.”

The tree with the notice is at Hillandale Road and Morningside Drive South:

(Photos/Bob Weingarten)


Hey, artists! Do you want your work to be seen by hundreds of people every day?

The Westport Arts Advisory Committee and Westport Public Art Collections seek submissions from Fairfield County artists for 9-month loans of large-scale art. They’ll be displayed at Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools.

Paintings, photography, textiles and other 2-dimensional media suitable for hanging will be considered. Proposals are  due September 23. To learn more, email

“A History of Civilizations” by Westport artist Eric Chiang hangs at Coleytown Middle School.


Tip jars have become ubiquitous.

Whether you regularly donate, merely tolerate them or despite the idea, you have to admit: This one, at Superior Seafood inside  Stiles Market, is totally on brand:

(Photo/John Karrel)


Tracy Porosoff was not thrilled to see this woodchuck tunnel near her plants. But she was impressed with how wide and deep it is — and sent it along, for our “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)


And finally … Happy Labor Day!

(“06880” does not even take Labor Day off. If you’d like to leave a tip, please click here.) 

5 responses to “Roundup: Teardowns, Trees, Artists …

  1. Nice creative tip jar, but after paying $30 a pound for fish are people really feeling the need to tip?
    Yes, tips are for staff, but it still feels a bit odd to be asked for

  2. I have always loved 162 Compo Road South. It will be sad to see a house with such charm and character disappear from the landscape.

  3. I wonder how or if (m)any Connecticut Ramblers remain.

  4. I admit I am newer to town, but I genuinely don’t understand how so many houses over 200 years old are allowed to be torn down with no protest? Is there anything the average person can do to get involved or help stop this?

    I literally don’t understand how anyone in good conscience could tear down a home that has been here since 1800. Buy ANY other house or lot in town that doesn’t have a piece of history sitting on it and build your modern farmhouse catastrophe there. This is a travesty. There is a finite number of these structures left. This is at least the third house of this vintage I have seen obtain a demolition permit this summer alone.

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