“06880” Podcast: Rob Haroun

If there’s one thing that gets all of Westport talking, it’s real estate development.

And there’s no one better to talk about it than Rob Haroun.

The other day, the president of SIR Development joined me on the Westport Library stage. He’s been a local builder for over 25 years — though that is actually his second career.

Rob and I chatted about everything home construction-related — zoning, architecture, trees — and about his community involvement too. It was a very informative half hour.

Click below for the full interview:

7 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Rob Haroun

  1. Fantastic interview of a remarkable guy. Rob Haroun is well known throughout Westport not only for his Sir Development but also for his exceptional contributions to our Community through the Y and Library! Generous of spirit , smart and ambitious … and yet kind … I have been a lifelong resident of Westport and having sold my Compo Beach Home I feel honored to have stumbled upon his Apartments at 1480 Post Road ! Great location, great apartment and boy what a wonderful Landlord 😉

  2. Another great interview Dan! I actually learned a couple new things… great builder and local company… looking forward to working with the Harouns again!

  3. I can speak very well to Rob Haroun‘s community engagement.

    When the Long Lots Preserve needed to prepare one of the phases of the project for planting, Rob Haroun showed up, made a promise to help out and kept that promise.

    We now have Phase 2 of the Long Long Lots Preserve ready to receive native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Rob and his company, SIR Development, has had a huge impact on the progress of this habitat restoration project. Very thoughtful and generous. Great work done.

    Thanks Rob!

  4. Dan, thank you sharing this stimulating conversation with Rob Haroun. I enjoyed learning more about his perspective and impact on our community. The things he and his wife Julie have done together have made Westport a more accommodating and interesting place to live. Well done!

    Ken Bernhard .

  5. I’ve been working with Rob over the last five years at our Townhall location in downtown Westport. Rob has been a great landlord who cares greatly for his building and his tenants. I look forward to many years ahead.

    Dan, thank you once again for showcasing some of our unsung community leaders. You always get the best out of them!!

  6. Great interview, Dan!

    Rob Haroun is an astute businessman, a successful entrepreneur, a thoughtful developer, a loving family man, and a pillar of the community. Westport is lucky to have Rob and his wife Julie among us.

  7. Another extraordinary interview Dan. Rob has been a trustee on the Library Board for a number of years now. He played a critical role in the success of our Transformation Project by also sitting on our Building Committee for the duration of the construction. His expertise and experience as a builder proved to be invaluable. Through his leadership, dedication, and selflessness, Rob has been an inspiring role model for our community. Thanks for shining a spotlight on his contributions.