Pic Of The Day #1961

It’s a rite of passage for London tourists: Pose in the crosswalk by the Abbey Road studio. It’s an homage to the Beatles, and one of the most famous album covers in history.

These 4 deer were outside Little Barn in Westport — not England. But they had the same idea. 

(Photo/John Babina)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1961

  1. Jay Tormey '66


  2. Patricia McMahon

    An epic moment and capture associated with an iconic image 🎼
    Super cool!!
    Bravo John👏🏻✨

  3. Lovely! Golden Slumbers at its best.

  4. Peter Barlow

    Unbelievable! When I was a kid, to see a deer anywhere near our house which we considered to be out in the country, was just
    incredibly rare. Now they’re downtown?

    On two of the deer in this photo what are those different-looking left front legs? They look strange but I can’t enlarge the photo to see better.

    • Seems to be on three of the left front legs…I believe it’s just the legs in motion that the camera could not still…not club feet, for certain.

  5. Cathy Barnett

    Abbey Road had become a very dangerous thorofare in London. Too many cars just like the Post Road! It was very busy when we were in London in the 70s, probably worse now

    • Amazing shot!

      We lived just in back of the Abbey Road studios (2000-2002) and our young kids (sometimes alone !)- walked across that zebra crossing every day to get to school, subway, shops etc.

      The signals must have been re-engineered by then, because it was a pretty tame crossing at the time. Traffic halted the moment a foot left the curb, per the law over there. Plus it was fun to see all the tourists taking pictures imitating the Abbey Road album cover shot. I never heard a single driver honk at them!

  6. Carl Addison Swanson, '66

    Very cute. A deer hit ME while I was driving 5 mph on Evergreen with 6K damage to our Buick. Also, nobody saw deer growing up here because they were living in the woods, where they belong. We have overdeveloped so much in this town, now they run amuck spreading their ticks and eating all our shrubs. Not sure that is real progress. Nice photo, however.

  7. Great shot!