Unsung Hero #251

This is a view half of Westport will never see:

(Photo/Karen Como)

But for the other half — anyone using the women’s bathroom at Compo Beach — it’s gorgeous.

Alert “06880” reader/pleased restroom user Karen Como writes: “This was 2 p.m. this past Saturday. Really clean!

“I would like to nominate Margarita, the cleaning lady who works really hard all week as an Unsung Hero. She is always in there, mopping with disinfectant too.”

So, from 50% of all Compo beachgoers — no, all of us: Thank you!

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6 responses to “Unsung Hero #251

  1. Dianne Quagliariello

    I, for one, am very grateful for all Margarita does! Many thanks, Margarita! 🌼

  2. Jonathan Prager

    I, for one, regard women as the superior portion of our world.

    Perhaps, someone in the know might get Margarita’s Zelle/PayPal/Venmo (etc…) information — and Dan will deliver it to us loyal ‘06880’ devotees — so that kudos from all who value Margarita’s genuine dedication and good-hearted devotion might turn into contributions!!!

    Singing praises is all well and good.

    Rewarding the unsung heros whose hard work and high standards make Westport’s environs enjoyable and pristine, seems to me an important part of ‘giving back.’

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )
    203-434-3576 Mobile

  3. As a Brit born in the 60s who holidayed regularly in Europe in the 70s, I can confirm that back in the day the beach bathroom experience across The Continent was a national horror story that we would have to steel ourselves to face each summer. I’m sure things have improved since the days of the gross ‘squatathon’, but still the general standard of public bathrooms in USA camps and beaches – like its dentistry – is a relative high point of global civilization. Bravo Margarita!!

  4. Agree she does a great job .. mens too

  5. Thank you Margarita!!!!

  6. Margarita thank you!! I have never seen such clean public bathrooms! Friends that I have brought to the beach have made the same comment.

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