Young Shoots’ Pro Shots

Three of the best things about Westport — young people, art, and the Farmers’ Market — joined forces with a fourth yesterday: Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center.

The 100-year-old business was the site of an awards ceremony for the WFM’s annual Young Shoots photography contest. The goal is to capture the “energy, beauty and delights” of the Market.

This year’s drew the most entrants ever. Yesterday at Gilbertie’s, all shots were framed and exhibited. Winners were announced, and given their awards: cash from the Drew Friedman Foundation ($100 for first place, $50 for second), and MoCA of Westport art class certificates. Sugar & Olives provided refreshments.

These images were the “pick of the crop”!

Ages 5 to 9:
1st place: Aaron Slomich, “Sharpen Up”

“Sharpen Up” (Aaron Slomich)

2nd place: Juliette Newshel, “Tiny Tomatoes”

“Tiny Tomatoes” (Juliette Newshel)

Ages 10 to 14:
1st place: Mirabelle Choe, “Color Wheel”

“Color Wheel” (Mirabelle Choe)

2nd place: Rachel Pontoriero, “Fairy Stool”

“Fairy Stools” (Rachel Pontoriero)

Ages 15 to 18
1st place: Alex Sod, “Bifrost”

“Bifrost” (Alex Sod)

2nd place: Calista Finkelstein, “Heading Home”

“Heading Home” (Calista Fineklstein)

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Among the Westport Farmers’ Market “Young Shoots” winners (from left): Alex Sod, Calista Finkelstein, Rachel Pontoriero.

4 responses to “Young Shoots’ Pro Shots

  1. They were all so wonderful… I would have found it very hard to decide. Well done everyone ‼️

  2. Jennifer Zorek-Pressman

    Very talented photographers

  3. What wonderful photos!

  4. All of the photographs are very good and congratulations to everyone! Most of the subjects are perhaps what you might expect to see at a farmers’ market. Then I scrolled back to the first photo, a remarkable composition, and it’s in black & white with a beautiful range of tones. Since the photographers in this category were 5 to 9, I’m assuming that young Aaron Slomich must be 9. Good work!

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