Photo Challenge #396

Most backyard sculptures are enjoyed by whoever lives in the house, and anyone fortunate enough to be invited over.

The backyard of one Beachside Common home is not like most.

The sculpture there is admired by anyone driving into Burying Hill Beach. It’s visible on the right, just across the marsh.

Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Seth Schachter, Michael Calise, Andrew Colabella, Richard Hyman, Ed Simek and Mary Ann Batsell all correctly identified last week’s Photo Challenge as that intriguing sculpture. Click here to see — and check it out the next time you’re at that quiet, quaint and very beautiful beach.

Now check out this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

27 responses to “Photo Challenge #396

  1. Gloria Gouveia

    Former “Y”.

  2. Michael Calise

    Is that Golden Shadows?

  3. Gloria Gouveia

    Oops! May I take that back? Golden Shadows?

  4. Golden Shadows

  5. Ann Bacharach

    Former YMCA

  6. Seth Schachter

    I think it’s ‘golden showers’ stately home that Wesport owns

  7. Jerry Kuyper

    House of Baron Walter von Langendorff now referred to as Baron

  8. Jerry Kuyper

    Baron Walter von Langendorff house located in Baron South

  9. Jerry Kuyper

    Baron Walter von Langendorff house on Baron South property

  10. Jerry Kuyper

    Sorry, my answers didn’t appear at first

  11. I’m with Seth..Golden Showers…lol

  12. Baron’s South bldg?

  13. Martha Witte

    Barons South. Golden Shadows? Brick house!

  14. Andrew Colabella

    Save Golden Shadows. Save and restore it.

  15. Richard stein

    Silver shadow I believe is the name of the mansion on the barons property

  16. It is “Golden Shadows” — Baron Walter von Langendorff’s former “mansion” at what is now called Baron’s South. It was hardly a mansion, and now it is rapidly deteriorating.

    Richard Stein: You got the right place but the wrong color.

    As for “Golden Showers”: sorry. This is a family blog!

  17. Mary Ann Batsell

    The house located on Baron’s South

  18. Dick Lowenstein

    Yes , Golden Shadows, pictorial proof of its neglected maintenance!

  19. Susan Iseman

    Thanks for sharing the interior photos. Surely, something can be done to preserve this property?

  20. Tara Curruto

    Golden Shadows! Save it! Before P&Z and their personal political agenda take it over for more affordable housing to campaign off of in the future once they’ve turned our town into a city they came from!

  21. Seth Braunstein

    Golden Shadows

  22. Bruce H Salvo

    Railing at the Barron’s property, south.

  23. The House on the Barons old property