“06880” Podcast: Jen Tooker

It’s been 8 months since Jen Tooker took over the 1st Selectwoman’s office at Town Hall.

She’s spent that time settling in, setting priorities, and putting them in motion.

Now it’s time to reflect on it all.

The other day, 1st Selectwoman Tooker and I sat on the Westport Library Trefz Forum stage. We chatted about those first months: what she’s done, what she’s learned, what’s her style, and what compels her to serve.

It was a fascinating, draw-back-the-curtain half hour. It’s an instructive podcast too, for every Westporter — and those who once called this place home. Click here for the link to view.

Screenshot of Jen Tooker on “06880: The Podcast.”

14 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Jen Tooker

  1. Pete Wolgast

    Outstanding interview with First Selectwoman Jen Tooker emphasizing her total commitment to making the Westport Community the best it can be. It show cases her goal of balancing community interests in such locations as Longshore Park. Jen has a unique ability of listening carefully to people and understanding their interests. We are extremely blessed to have Jen’s superb leadership as our First Selectwoman.

  2. Jack Backiel

    Dan, I was so impressed with Jen Tooker. At your get together at Compo last Thursday, as I circulated around talking to people, somehow I missed meeting her. I really enjoyed the interview! Hopefully next year we’ll meet.

  3. Alan phillips

    A hearty Ditto on Pete’s thoughts. Jen is doing a terrific job.. We are very lucky.

  4. Jack Backiel

    I’ve met Jack Dempsey, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Rooney (total loser), Elizabeth Taylor, and last Thursday I added Dan Woog (Mr. Westport) to that list! Next year maybe I’ll get to meet Jen Tooker.

  5. Spanky Giddings, FP, '82

    Stellar interview, fun lady. A tad short on substance even on her five (5) selected priorities. And while the country is in severe “civil discourse”, this town has never avoided a healthy debate on anything. So that remedial goal is a dead end. Still . . . a Republican from Dallas who never answers my emails?

  6. Jo Ann Miller

    I have had the pleasure in meeting Mrs.Tooker and her very cool dog. Lovely lady. That said, I cringe whenever anybody says Westport is special. For one, it only inflates the egos of the self-entitled and also, after growing up in a Marine family, I saw much of America and in my executive career, much of the world. And after living here since 1984, this is a very lovely town in which to live. But people are people wherever one goes, good and not so good. Westport is no different and not really so special. Basically a NYC suburb now, everybody in a hurry attempting to seem important.

  7. Jo Ann Miller’s point is well taken…most folks think THEIR town is special, harboring special people when, in fact, people are just people.
    Further, as “special” as might be Ms Tooker, she is just one more gutless , in office Rpublican who has said nary a public word on our nation ruining Supreme Court, Jan 6th or the repulsive, constitution destroying man who instigated it. That fact, alone, disgraces her.

    • I think you illustrate exactly what the First Selectwoman describes as her deep concern with our civil discourse, Mr. Katz. Choosing to ignore the facts doesn’t make them go away. I suggest that if you are interested in Jen Tooker’s record and her public statements on the various issues you cited, perhaps you should do some research and familiarize yourself with the First Selectwoman’s public statements and positions, rather than make assumptions based on her party affiliation. I am grateful that we have someone extremely competent and experienced leading our town who does take a principled stand on the important issues of the day, and does it with grace and civility.

  8. Jack Backiel

    That last post makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m not sure how you’d determine she’s “gutless?” She looking after Westport and doesn’t need to comment on the national scene. According to the interview, she has a plan. I don’t live in town anymore, but we go back to 1903! I think you need to cut her some slack. I hope others support her with comments!

  9. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    As Mr. Backiel so aptly paraphrased the great Democrat Tip O’Neill: “All politics is local.” Ms. Tooker is just doing her job in the great tradition of other Westport first select people. “Katz Scratch Fever” is what you get when the Federal litter box needs cleaning.

    • Oh, Eric; the federal litter box is so full of Trump’s shit that, sadly, it will never be clean again…and were one to arrive with a scoop, Trump’s ignorant, immoral and lawless Supreme Court would cut off their hands.

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

        Dan, don’t you think it’s a stretch to hang this on Jen Tooker?

  10. Jack Backiel

    I live in Maryland. Republican Larry Hogan blasts Trump! Just because one is a Republican, it doesn’t mean they support Trump. But this has nothing to do with Jen Tooker’s job running Westport. All politics are local and I think she’s an outstanding person and will do a great job. She was impressive in her interview.

  11. Bobbie Herman

    I miss Westport.