“06880” Blog Party: The Best Of Westport

The idea is simple: I pick a date. I get a permit from the Parks & Recreation Department. I announce it a few times on the blog

And our “06880” community does the rest.

It’s an organic event. Everyone brings food, drinks and beach chairs.

A small part of the 150 or so guests. The table on the right held swag for the guests (with thanks to Savvy + Grace, the Main Street gift shop).

Folks who have lived here for 70 years, and others who have been here for 7 weeks (literally), mix and mingle. (Special shout-out to 93-year-old Tom Lowrie!)

A small part of the large crowd. (Photo/Dennis Jackson)

Politicians (of both parties) chat with people who want to tell them a thing or two — and others with no idea who they are.

Ann Sheffer and Bill Scheffler live much of the year in California and New York. But they came to the “06880” party too. And yes, that’s 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker on the left, photobombing the shot.

The police chief talks with an old friend from Staples.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas (right) and Staples High School Class of ’79 classmate Terry Brannigan.

Party-goers introduce themselves to strangers, then recognize the names of frequent commenters and frequent photographers. Jack Backiel — one of the most frequent commenters of all — made a special trip up from Maryland, just to see the town he lived in decades ago (and still feels connected to).

Jack Backiel (right) and his longtime friend Dennis Jackson.

It was the 9th annual “06880” blog party. If you were there last night, you know all that already.

If you  missed it: See you in 2023!

Staples High School 2020 graduate Dylan Curran.

PS: A tip of the “06880” hat to Parks & Rec for helping the event run so smoothly. Particular thanks to Luke in Guest Services, for toting tables and going out of his way to help. 

Westport Downtown Association president Maxx Crowley.

PPS: And thanks too to the weather gods. The predicted thunderstorms never came. In

It was not even as hot as predicted, and a soft breeze helped. Go figure.

Nicole Klein and Jerry Kuyper take a selfie with some random dude. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Dorothy and Jon Fox. Love her hat!

Warren Bloom entertains.

Michael Calise

The women of Westport. (Photo/Tom Lowrie)

From left: Judy and Jack Backiel, and Gloria Gouveia, enjoy some shade.

Mark Yurkiw has not forgotten his native Ukraine. (All photos/ Dan Woog, unless otherwise noted)

An added bonus: a spectacular sunset. (Photo/John Dodig)

5 responses to ““06880” Blog Party: The Best Of Westport

  1. Jack Backiel

    Dan, Congratulations on a great party! Can we do it again next Thursday?

  2. As always anything to do with 06880 is “top self”. Yeah to Savvy and Grace for the swag. Sorry will missed you all. Jonesy and Joanie.

  3. terry Brannigan


    We love our new 06880 key fob! When I took it out of the package I had it upside down and so it read 08860 which I decided to look up. Our mirror image postal code is actually. Spain! Includes the cities of: Castelldefels, Les Botigues de Sitges and Rat-Penat in rhe province of Barcelona!. Who knew

  4. Joseph Vallone

    What a great great party! I wish I was there. I only stumbled onto your blog a few month as ago and was unaware of the annual event. (And the 06880 blog) Definitely will look forward to attending next year.

  5. Bobbie Herman

    I really missed being there. It looks like so much fun!