Roundup: Beach Tables 2.0, Beach Sharks, Beach Art …

Yesterday’s “Roundup” item about what seemed to be a low number of picnic tables at Compo’s South Beach brought a call from Carm Roda, of Westport’s Parks & Recreation Department.

All 17 tables — plus 4 for handicapped users — are there, he says. Because people move them to make larger tables, it might seem that there are fewer. However, as Michael Calise noted in the “Comments” section, that’s a far cry from the 41 that were there pre-COVID.

And, he notes, they were wooden — some double-size, and all more substantial than the new, plastic ones.

So: If you’re coming to our “06880” blog party this Thursday (July 21, 6 p.m., South Beach), please consider bringing a folding table.

There’s plenty of room for everyone.  Just not a lot of tables.

New (foreground) and older picnic tables, in 2018. The concrete grills have all been replaced too; only the smaller ones remain.


It’s Shark Week at the beach!

Hopefully though, the only shark is on the side of the blimp. It advertises “Shark Week” on TV.

Fingers crossed. Stay safe!

(Photo/Matt Murray)


Some rites of summer never change.

Bedford Middle School student Aiden Konig writes: “I’m 11 years old. Me and my friends, Liam and Ethan, were hanging out on the beach and made this really cool sand castle. I wanted to share it with your blog.”

Thanks, Aiden. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the timeless fun of the beach. Please be sure your grandkids send a similar photo, in 2092.


Nearby, Dianne Wildman took a walk.

Compo is a beautiful neighborhood. But one sight disturbed her. Dianne writes:

On Friday at Bradley and Fairfield Avenues, I passed a black squishy plastic pillow covering a drain. A stream of water crossed the street, to another drain. Water gushed out at a healthy rate.

(Photo/Dianne Wildman)

A couple walked by as I was taking photos. They said the gushing had been going on for 2 weeks. All this on a day when the town announced we’re officially in a drought.

The woman said it won’t do any good to complain, because the problem was caused by a builder on the corner working on a new house and digging a swimming pool. The water level is 3 feet, so if you go deeper, it floods. “The town authorities always side with the builders,” they said, citing a similar story when someone built a pool last year.


Congratulations to the Westport 11U District All-Star team: Section 1 champs!

They beat North Stamford 11-2 yesterday, in the finals. Next up: the state tournament. It’s set for next weekend, in Newington.

Players include Dylan Burdeshaw, Miles Delorier, Henry Ellis, Justin Goldshore, Wyatt Johnson, Christopher Lambert, Chase Landgraf, Jack McGrath, Luke Moneyhon, Torrey Rossetter, Toby Slavin, Grant Theisinger and Nolan Walters. The manager is Justin Walters; coaches are Marc Theisinger and Jon Ellis.

Section champs!


Michael Szeto is used to seeing egrets at Longshore.

He was surprised, though, to see this one in his Minute Man Hill back yard.

He grabbed his camera, and snapped the scene for our “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Michael Szeto)


And finally … Monty Norman, the British composer who wrote the theme tune for the James Bond films, died this week, He was 94.

Mark Yurkiw calls his work “the most memorable score by the most unmemorable composer.” Click here for a full obituary.

6 responses to “Roundup: Beach Tables 2.0, Beach Sharks, Beach Art …

  1. Does anyone know why the concrete grills were removed? They seem much more substantial than the “grill on a pole” that replaced them. But maybe I’m mistaken. I have not used the new grills and used the old ones many times.

  2. Roe Colletti

    Thank you …Michael Calise for knowing how many tables (41 vs. 17)were previously at So.Beach. In fact walkers note that there are no tables remaining for residents to use… since the number of Daily $70.passes Sold far exceed the 17 tables available. All the evening picnic groups would appreciate more tables.

    • Michael Calise

      Hi Roe,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Would love to start a call to bring back the wonderful wooden tables and substantial grills. They were a real asset to south beach and the many regulars that frequented there.

  3. Margo Amgott

    To your story about builders and flooding – here’s a pic from 2 weeks ago on our road – er swimming hole. Same story, reckless builder, a town that looks the other way, uncaring neighbors. How do people operate with no scruples and how does Westport let it happen (again and again and again?).

    • jack krayson

      Easy Answer. Town’s priority is to increase the tax base period. Citizens private property rights are reduced in favor of builders and ‘growth’.