Photo Challenge #394

There are many reasons to shop at Trader Joe’s*: the intriguing selection. The always-cheerful “crew.” The fun vibe.

And — though we tend to see right past it — the artwork.

Several pieces add to the community-spirit mood. (It’s a corporate model: Every store in the country features local scenes.)

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed a piece of the “Westport” work hanging near the registers. (Click here to see.)

Howard Potter, Fred Cantor, Susan Yules, Shirlee Gordon, Elaine Marino, Debbie O’Malley, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Charles Wiseman, Andrew Colabella and Bobbie Herman are all shoppers who (at least occasionally) look up from chatting with the clerks to enjoy the art. Well done!

This week’s Photo Challenge is even more colorful than the last. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

*Though the parking lot is not one of them.

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8 responses to “Photo Challenge #394

  1. Susan ISeman

    In front of the now closed Mystic Market?

  2. By the Playhouse?

  3. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    In front of the Lucille Lortel White Barn at the Westport Country Playhouse

  4. In front of Mystic Market.

  5. Amy Schneider


  6. Celeste Champagne

    In front of Mystic Market (before it closed:-(

  7. You are all correct 🙂

    The rainbow bench sat outside Mystic Market until it closed. Bruce Miller, Westport Country Playhouse company manager, thought that with the Playhouse’s close ties to the LGBTQ community, that would make a good new home.

    The Mystic Market folks agreed. The “Pride Bench” now sits proudly in front of the Sheffer Studio.

  8. Jonathan Prager

    I sat on that precise bench to great effect last night after the penultimate performance of Ins Choi’s “Kim’s Convenience” at the Westport Country Playhouse.

    It was the perfect place to luxuriate and deepen my enjoyment of the touching and hilarious play, which I had also taken in on opening night.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to congratulate Hyunman Rhee (Jung) and David Shih (Appa) as they subsequently passed by on their way to Gabriele’s.

    The play is spectacular – funny and touching with a family ‘feel good’ flavor and a large helping of humanity. The performances are all tour-de-force levels combined with marvelous ensemble work.

    Your choice of this week’s photo challenge was no doubt informed by your own attendance opening night.

    Dan, you’ve hit the nail on the head, once again.