Unsung Hero #245

The woman and her 11-year-old twin daughters walked into the Westport Book Shop.

They’d just moved to town. The girls are avid readers. They especially love history.

One of them spotted the first 5 books of a rare 7-volume biography of George Washington.

Unfortunately, the price — $195 — was too high. Disappointed, they looked for less expensive options.

The George Washington biography. Author Douglas Southall Freeman won a Pulitzer Prize for his work.

Soon after arriving back home, a Book Shop employee called. The books had already been bought, she said …

… “for your daughters.”

There was only one other shopper in the store. One of the girls had explained to her why the biography was so interesting.

After they left, the woman purchased the set for the girls.

And asked to remain anonymous.

Karma is definitely at work here. “We’ve always donated books ourselves,” the mother says. “They need to have a life beyond just one owner.”

The George Washington biography is not easy reading. Each volume is over 500 pages. But the girls have already dived in. When they’re done, they’ll look for the final 2 books in the set.

But that’s not all they’re doing this summer. They wrote a long thank-you note, and asked the Westport Book Shop to send it to their anonymous benefactor.

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The Westport Book Shop.

13 responses to “Unsung Hero #245

  1. Susan Hopkins

    This absolutely makes my day!

  2. Jack Backiel

    I love stories like this to help balance the gut-wrenching news we’re bombarded with daily.

  3. Jacque O'Brien

    In today’s world of sad news and wrongdoing, this story brings such hope and a reminder that good Samaritans do exist. Thank you for sharing it and God bless the hero who did this wonderful deed!

  4. Lynn Pokorny

    I really needed this today!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  5. LOVE this!

  6. Thomas Giametta

    This bookshop is a treasure and apparently so are the patrons!

  7. Fran Thomas

    What a wonderful story!

  8. Priscilla Long

    WOW! Just wow. Thank you to Anonymous for being a treasure within a treasure today.

  9. Livia Feig

    I love this story. It is amazing they wanted to remain anonymous. What a lovely gesture.

  10. Ellen Dale Naftalin

    So fine.

  11. maryschmerker

    This is wonderful on so many levels. Yes, I also needed to hear this today also.
    And as the grandmother of an almost 11-year-old boy I am also so pleased to see their choice of reading material. Our grandson is reading 30 seconds over Tokyo this summer! This country has youth that will go far and do much good for our country. We need them.

  12. Jane Malakoff

    I echo the comments of the other writers. Westport is a wonderful community. I feel privileged to live here.

  13. Karin Giannittii

    How lovely. It restores our faith in the human race