Pic Of The Day #1905

Sunrise toward Sherwood Island (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1905

  1. Patricia McMahon

    Breathtaking Michael

  2. Josie Shields

    Could not help catching my breath. Spectacular. Early bird catches the WOW!

  3. Sarah A Neilly

    Wow stupendous photo !

  4. Betsy Kahn

    Beautiful- beautiful- we know that “spot” as Fiona’s Disappearing Island!
    This is a gorgeous photo✨✨✨

  5. Kathryn D Coster

    Needs to be the study for a painting…just gorgeous!!!

  6. Tracy A Flood

    That makes me think it might be worth getting up early….
    just amazing!!!

  7. Michael Tomashefsky

    Thanks to everybody for your wonderful comments!

  8. Jan Degenshein

    Like “The Little Prince”, I could watch the sunset over-and-over again. And your blog provides ample opportunities! This poem was written on the occasion of a sunrise, recalled after your recent posting of Michael Thomashefsky’s photograph. I submit it in celebration of Westport’s new poet laureate.


    It doesn’t appear, interrupting
    the inky night, like a
    bare bulb, blinding white;
    but gently, subtly:
    out of the dull grayness of predawn,
    yielding in silence to the pink
    and mauve struggle of a day being born.
    Abruptly, umber-knurled peaks of east-distant
    hills are ablaze, and an orange ripe orb
    ascends against a confederate sky,
    rising flawlessly round
    except for a crow-feather cloud
    which, like language to poetry,
    pierces perfection by betraying limits.

    – Jan Degenshein