“Nobody Goes There Anymore. It’s Too Crowded.”

Yogi Berra (supposedly) said that.

He was not talking about Compo Beach, on the day of the July 4th/June 30th fireworks.

But he might have been.

Here was the scene, right around noon:

9 responses to ““Nobody Goes There Anymore. It’s Too Crowded.”

  1. Do all those ghosts realize that the bulldozer comes to sweep the beach around 6?

  2. Diane L Lowman

    So sad to me. I wish P&R would disallow place saving until 4pm. Seems more equitable. Between that and the traffic I no longer go 🙁

  3. Wow and Double Wow! The 4th of July (Compo Beach) Fireworks 💥 are officially back on everyone’s calendar 📅 this year:)!! Thx for sharing Dan.

  4. Where have all the people gone?
    Long time passing.

  5. Barbara Sherburne '67

    I might be dreaming, but I don’t believe it was like this back in the ’60s and ’70s. So many people still seem to be worried about COVID, yet you would never know it based on the photos you have posted, Dan. I still see people wearing masks in cars, while walking on a sidewalk, and even riding a bike.

  6. Cathryn Morrison

    Hopefully people visiting the beach will clean up after they leave (at least better than the visitors who don’t pick up their dog’s poop).

  7. barbara Ryan

    So sad. That is why we don’t go anymore. There should be some kind of rule or enforcement.

  8. Arline Gertzoff

    All Day set ups /nobody there.are just plain unfair to residents .Setups from 3pm onwards seem reasonable.Stopped going to avoid the mayhemThere are few sights in town where one can see the fireworks and avoid the scenario.Be a little clever and still enjoy and give a little to PAL

  9. Mark Bachmann

    Yogi Berra is better remembered today for all the apocryphal absurdist quotes attributed to him than he is for his baseball career. This one’s a doozy, Dan!

    Glad I stayed clear of Compo and watched fireworks on TV.