“06880” Podcast: Danielle Dobin

Nearly every Westport issue — affordable housing, traffic, a changing retail environment, trees — involves development, and the changes Westport undergoes, embraces, accepts, rejects or otherwise undergoes.

Which means they all involve, in some way and at some point, the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Chair Danielle Dobin sees it all. The other day, I chatted with her in the Westport Library’s Verso Studios for the latest “06880” podcast. She spoke candidly and insightfully about the pieces of the P&Z puzzle we all see — and those most of us never think about.

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One response to ““06880” Podcast: Danielle Dobin

  1. Thomas Carey

    Westport is very lucky to have such incredible women that are leading many commissions in town. I am truly impressed by Ms. Dobin’s proactive, professional and measured approach to housing needs in town and her leadership on other land issues.. We have an exemplary threesome as Selectwomen and my personal favorite is chairwoman Anna Rycenga with whom I serve on the Conservation Commission.