Pic Of The Day #1869 — And Video Of The Day #1

The doughboy statue on Veterans Green (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

BONUS FEATURE: Nick Pisarro, Jr. filmed the entire Memorial Day parade — and then edited it down to a minute. It’s followed by Staples High School graduate Nick Rossi singing the national anthem.

Whether you missed the parade, or want to relive it again — click below.

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1869 — And Video Of The Day #1

  1. Elaine Marino

    Thank you, Nick Pissarro, Jr., for this awesome video. I missed the parade this year after watching/marching in (many years with Westport Soccer) the parade for two decades. And thank you to Nick Rossi for singing the national anthem so beautifully. I am sure he was thinking of his grandfather at that moment, as we all remembered our loved ones who selflessly served or are serving our country today.

  2. Robert M Gerrity

    Condensed to 2, or even better!, 3 minutes would have been GREAT! But 1?????????????????????????????? Yeah, you can do that, but why? My eyes couldn’t focus. So now how about THE DIRECTOR’S CUT?