Unsung Heroes #237

Parking stickers are already required. Lifeguards arrive soon. Another great beach season is almost here.

But a great beach season does not magically appear. It takes a ton of work. (Literally — moving tons of sand, for example.)

Tammy Barry was at Compo the other day. She saw several crews hard at work, making sure everything was ship-shape for summer.

Tammy thought they were doing unsung work. She’s right. Our Public Works and Parks & Recreation employees do so much, for all of us in Westport.

Unlike Tammy, most of us don’t see the work you do. But we absolutely appreciate it.

(Photos/Tammy Barry)

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One response to “Unsung Heroes #237

  1. Rich Vogel

    Hey, those workmen are using gas powered blowers! Send them to the gulag!!