Photo Challenge #382

No, last week’s challenge was not fair.

But as everyone from Bill Gates to your mother has said, life is not fair. Get used to it.

Lisa Tantillo’s image of a handsome window, framed by ivy over a bed of tulips, did not look familiar to most readers. (Click here for the photo.)

A few hours later, I gave a hint: Think way outside the box.

John McCarthy did. “Mrs. O’Brian’s house in Westport, Ireland,” he guessed.

Sure and begorrah, he was right.

Well, about Ireland anyway. I’m not sure where the photo was taken, other than in our hometown’s namesake in County Mayo.

“My mother would be proud,” he said, without noting whether or not Mrs. McCarthy is actually from Westport, Ireland.

Matt Murray wrote: “15 yard penalty for illegal use of location, plus a first down.” I challenged him to translate that into Gaelic football.

And while Doris Levinson did not know exactly where the photo was taken — hey, I just said, “Where in Westport would you see this?” — she was sure that it didn’t look like our town. “Deer love tulips,” she wrote, “so they’d be long gone.”

I think this week’s Photo Challenge is easier. If you know where in Westport  — Westport, Connecticut — you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


12 responses to “Photo Challenge #382

  1. Susie Swanson Milllette, Staples '58

    Do those cannonball surround the Minuteman monument on So Compo near the beach? I haven’t lived in Weston since 1959 but that would be my aged opinion..

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Westport Library Garden

  3. Lynn Untermeyer Niller

    Westport Library . . .

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Library – the three-dot logo.

  5. Seth Schachter

    Westport Library. I believe this was taken at few years back from a close up photo I took of the sculpture. 🙂

    • Seth Schachter

      Dan – mean’t to say: ‘I believe I took a close up photo of this sculpture a few years back that you had used.’

  6. Suzanne Warner Raboy

    Westport Library lower entrance

  7. Barbara Durham


  8. Seth Schachter

    Same right? Just a new location —-

  9. Correct – the Westport Library garden. I knew it was easy!

  10. MICHAEL turin

    between library and Jessup Road parking lot

  11. At a bowling alley in Bedrock