Photo Challenge #294

Last week’s Photo Challenge was a good one. David Loffredo’s clever image showed the tiled plaza by the Saugatuck River, viewed directly from above on the patio between The Whelk and Saugatuck Sweets. (Click here to see.)

Unfortunately, sussing out the scene was lower on most readers’ lists than clearing debris, tossing food from the fridge, and otherwise dealing with the zillion chores and inconveniences that come with a major power outage.

There were just 3 responses. Fred Cantor had the lone correct answer. And he lives in Southern California.

Now that the juice is back on: Try this week’s Photo Challenge. We’re easing back into things with an easy one. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #294

  1. The former Pier One Imports?

  2. Westport Library … it’s their logo.

  3. Yes, it’s the Westport Library … The three dots are part of their logo.

  4. Valerie Smith-Malin

    Library, at the top of the paved pathway that goes through the green and connects the Upper Lot/Police Station, through the grass to the Lower Lot.

  5. Jo Ann Flaum

    In front of the library, on the upper parking level

  6. Correct — Westport Library, at the top of Jesup Green by the police station parking lot. This is the library’s logo — and it’s also replicated on the large clock hanging by the children’s section.

  7. Amy Schneider