UPDATE: Dogs Safe In Fire

Westport Fire Chief Michael Kronick reports that approximately 50 dogs and cats were saved by firefighters and police officers at the Town House for Dogs fire early this morning.

They were moved to another part of the kennel not affected by the fire. They are safe, and being cared for by the staff of Town House for Dogs.

The scene today at Town House for Dogs.

However, 2 dogs died in the 2nd-floor apartment that was involved in the fire.

Town House clients who need information about their pets should call owners Mel and Sandy Goldman at 203-227-3276.

Fire Marshal Nathaniel Gibbons notes, “Residents were saved by an alarm system that had recently been upgraded during their annual fire inspection. This drives home the importance of having working smoke alarms in your homes or business.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Westport fire marshal’s office.

A firefighter, battling today’s early morning blaze at the Town House for Dogs. (Photos courtesy of Westport Fire Department)

5 responses to “UPDATE: Dogs Safe In Fire

  1. Headline says “dogs safe,” but middle of article says that 2 dogs died? All dogs matter, including the ones in the apartment who are no longer with us. My heart goes out to their owners who not only lost their home, but their 2 beloved dogs.

    • Completely agree. Clearly not “dogs safe in fire.” This is a horrible event for the family living in that apt.

  2. Helen Ranholm

    I agree each dog is important and it should be known that most dogs are loved and give back more love in return.

  3. Peter Jennings

    How about a round of applause to the WFD for a job well done !

  4. Jennifer Anderson (past resident)

    Sounds like the residents weren’t aware of the fire until it was too late to save their dogs. So thankful they were able to jump out of a window and save themselves. God bless the firefighters who saved the kennel dogs. Thank you all. Prayers for the family at the loss of their beloved pets.