Unsung Hero #234

Like many Westporters, Grace Waldman has been moved by the hardships faced by Ukrainian refugees.

So she’s made and sold matzah bark, to raise money for them.

She works with a grassroots organization called Keter Ukrainian Aid. Started by a friend of Grace’s mother Emily, it’s a free pantry in Jerusalem where refugees from Ukraine can “shop” for daily necessities for their family.

So far, Grace has raised over $2,500. She and her mom are busy filling orders, so they’re no longer taking new ones.

It’s been a great project, but a bit overwhelming.

Because — I forgot to mention — that Grace is only 4 years old.

She’s our youngest Unsung Hero ever.

And also one of the most impressive.

Grace Waldman, making matzoh bark.


5 responses to “Unsung Hero #234

  1. thomas orofino

    Go Girl, wonderful

  2. so inspiring.

  3. Great work! We’d love to partner with you Grace! Please have your mom reach out us at Crew@OneFun.com

  4. Carol waxman

    Westporters start volunteering at a very young age!

  5. As gets said “Out of the mouths of babes” the most important things come- Help Ukraine! any way you can. Donate like your life depends on it, caus eit does.