Ken Bernhard Leaves State Senate Race

Ken Bernhard has ended his campaign for State Senate, from the 26th District.

The attorney — active in many civic causes, at the local and international levels — is a former Republican State Representative. He switched his party affiliation several years ago. He was running as a Democratic to succeed retiring Senator Will Haskell.

Bernhard says:

“It appears that my past affiliation with the Republican party is viewed by many in the DTC as an insurmountable obstacle to securing the Democratic nomination in May. I do not wish to undermine the strength and unity of our party by engaging in a contentious primary challenge.

Ken Bernhard

“It is my sincere hope that my campaign has brought focus and attention to some of the important issues facing Connecticut, and that it generated productive discussions on how best to deal with them.

“As I return to my active law practice and continue to serve the public in my work with non-profit humanitarian organizations, I want to express my gratitude to my many friends and supporters — on both sides of the aisle — for their confidence, encouragement, and generous campaign contributions.

“I wish Ceci Maher the best of luck in her campaign and urge all voters in the 26th District to support her on November 8.”

Maher, a Wilton resident long active in many Westport-based organizations, is the lone Democrat still running. Westporter Michael Gordon — a former Board of Education chair — entered the race, but left due to time constraints with his full-time job and family.

8 responses to “Ken Bernhard Leaves State Senate Race

  1. Whether real or perceived, it’s very unfortunate one’s past party affiliation would be an impediment to election. Jim Marpe is a Republican, was re/elected multiple times, and served Westport very admirably. I was raised a Dem and have been an Independent for many years now. The “all-in” party mentality many seem to have is perplexing at best. CT has been a one-party state for a long time and yet, is one of the poorest operated states in the country (fiscal state, roads & infrastructure). That’s a fact, not an opinion.
    Whether Dem OR Reb, single party ruled states have often been shown to not serve their constituents well over long periods of time. Vote the person, not the party!

    • Tax-and-Spend-Ken will not be missed in this race, nor will Jr. Haskell. Moderate candidates from either side of the aisle will rule the day

  2. Susan Iseman

    Here we go again. The problem is a pathetically low percentage of voters vote in local elections, as evidenced by the recent numbers.

  3. Sorry to hear. Ken would have done a magnificent job.

  4. brad french

    That’s why politics suck. You really couldn’t find a smarter guy with a bigger heart than Ken.

  5. Hope Hageman

    I am appalled. The DTC was extraordinarily fortunate to have had Ken as a candidate. Politically experienced, profoundly thoughtful, community- and globally-minded, Ken is above all a superb human being. The DTC has done itself and the citizens of Connecticut a tremendous disservice. Their actions exemplify the malicious pettiness that’s tearing our country apart. Once a dedicated Democrat, I take some comfort in having been an unaffiliated voter for the past twenty years.

  6. Edward Bonaham

    I think it’s ridiculous for the DTC ti pass up such a great person. So he was once a Republican, so what? I thought the DTC was open and inclusive of all walks of life including those who were politically different.

    God forbid you put up a candidate with a great reputation who actually was nonpartisan and did what was best for the people and not a party puppet.

    This new DTC is a total joke.

  7. No one ever said our DTC had any brains, heart or foresight..Ken would have been the best candidate…he had the courage and self respect to leave the country’s most destructive,newly fascistic and un American party and should have garnered total support. Shame on the DTC!