“06880” Podcast: Bill Harmer

Twice a month for over a year, I’ve chatted with some of Westport’s most interesting and insightful men and women, for “06880: The Podcast.”

We tape (and film!) the series on the big Westport Library Trefz Forum stage, with the wonderful Verso Studios crew’s help.

Hard to believe that after more than 2 dozen podcasts, I hadn’t sat down with my podcast “boss” himself: Library director Bill Harmer.

The other day, I did. For half an hour, Bill and I talked about the transformed building, and the magic that goes on there; the evolving role of libraries in American culture, and VersoFest — this weekend’s groundbreaking music and media festival.

I learned a ton. (Which, of course, is supposed to happen in a library.)

You will too. (As should happen in a podcast.)

Click below for a very intriguing half hour.

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