Pics Of The Day #1811

The town of Westport honored Julia Marino tonight.

Hundreds of residents of all ages — including a huge number of awestruck young kids, plus former soccer teammates and her parents’ postal carrier — thronged the Westport Library to get autographs from, pose for pictures with, and hear the snowboard slopestyle Olympic silver medalist.

An added bonus: a chance to lift that actual medal themselves.

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker and State Representative Jonathan Steinberg read proclamations. ESPN Emmy-winner (and fellow Westporter) Jeremy Schaap led an intriguing Q-and-A session. It was announced that a lenticular image of Julia, by artist Miggs Burroughs, will hang at the train station, welcoming all to Westport.

And Library director Bill Harmer invited everyone back for a watch party — in 2026, when we all hope Julia will compete in the Milano Cortina Olympics. 

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker is often in the center of photos. Today she and her daughter happily flanked Julia Marino.

Scores of parents took photos of their children, and Julia Marino.

(From left): 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker, State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, Julia Marino and friends enjoy a video of Julia’s Olympic accomplishments, on the Library’s high-tech, high-res screen.

Julia Marino, at the start of her silver medal run, on the Library’s big screen.

ESPN host Jeremy Schaap chats with fellow Westporter Julia Marino.

A small portion of the large crowd gives Julia Marino a standing ovation.

Julia’s actual Olympic medal. It’s heavy! (All photos/Dan Woog)


One response to “Pics Of The Day #1811

  1. Jonathan Prager

    Everyone Loves a Winner!

    Julia Marino stands tall as so much more. She exemplifies excellence, character, and camaraderie.

    By now, we all know Julia won the first US medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with a stunning performance in her 2nd run in the Women’s Slopestyle Snowboarding Final.

    No one will ever be able to take that away from her.

    Even if the International Olympic Committee changed its position mid-Olympics, demonstrating little regard for Julia and her wellbeing. After allowing her to compete with the underside of her board showing the Prada logo in the Slopestyle competition (where she won her silver medal), they abruptly declared she would somehow have to prevent the logo from being visible during the Big Air Competition.

    Julia’s masking the Prada letters with a red sharpie altered the dynamics of her board. The controversy caused her to withdraw from Big Air. She had already fallen in practice and injured her tailbone. With the sliding surface of her board affected, she could no longer get enough speed to clear the jump.

    Ever the noble sportswoman, Julia downplayed the disappointment. She chose instead to exult in the triumphant Slopestyle competition, where the uplifting runs achieved by multiple competitors elevated the level of the sport.

    Now, through Miggs Burroughs’ soon to be displayed lenticular image, Julia will greet people arriving at the Westport train station.

    Julia serves as an exquisite example of physical, mental and emotional mastery. And, also of the heroism involved in promoting excellence no matter who achieves it — and of gallant sports(wo)manship in genuinely encouraging and rooting for her competitors, no matter how their performance affects her personal result.

    Brava, Julia!

    We’re proud to salute you.

    We’re privileged to honor you.

    And, as well, to have you serve forevermore as an ambassador and representative of the magnificent Town of Westport.

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )

    * You may, once again, relive Julia’s soaring performance, multifaceted feats and multilayered accomplishments here: