Roundup: Autism Awareness, Jersey Mike’s, Stop Signs …


April is Autism Acceptance Month. The Westport Police Department will take the opportunity to promote both education, and a greater understanding of the spectrum.

Many officers have bought Autism Acceptance badges. They’ll wear them all month.

In addition, the rainbow-colored “infinity” symbol — donated by Fleet Auto Supply — will be attached to all police cars.

The department takes this opportunity to remind residents about Westport’s Disability Registry. Created by the WPD, Department of Human Services and Commission on People with Disabilities, it’s a confidential way to provide information that assists police and other emergency workers in addressing th needs of residents of all abilities. Click here for more information.

Autism Acceptance, on a Westport patrol car.


When Jersey Mike’s announced that more than 2,000 stores would support Special Olympics — by donating 100% of its sales on March 30 (yesterday) — Westporters Rick Levin, Bob Levy and Sunny Sherman decided to help.

The Post Road location is closed. But they bought hundreds of sandwiches in Norwalk, and donated them to STAR Lighting the Way of Norwalk, and Bridgeport’s Alpha Community Center and Cardinal Shehan Center.

Clients at the 3 centers were very grateful.

And extremely well fed.

Bob Levy (3rd from left), delivering Jersey Mike’s sandwiches yesterday to STAR Lighting the Way.


Monica Buesser has noticed something very strange.

At least 2 roads in Westport do not have stop signs, despite directly intersecting with busily traveled streets.

Here’s Pequot Trail, at Sylvan Road North:

And here’s Pioneer Road, also at Sylvan North:

(Photos/Monica Buesser)

The issue is not theoretical, she says:

“A young woman died in Ridgewood, New Jersey because her friend drove through an uncontrolled intersection that others more familiar with the area would stop at.”

After the tragedy, she notes, the town put up stop signs.


Kingfishers are flighty. But this one stood still long enough for Matt Murray to snap it — perfect for today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Matt Murray)


And finally … happy 87th birthday to Herb Alpert: trumpeter, band leader and A&M Records founder extraordinaire.

Fun fact: He is one of only two musicians to have Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits as both a vocalist and instrumentalist (both are below).

The other? Barry White (“Love’s Theme” and and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”).

4 responses to “Roundup: Autism Awareness, Jersey Mike’s, Stop Signs …

  1. Bravo to our police department! This is so very important.

  2. David J. Loffredo

    Why is it that we have roads the end at intersections without any sort of directional signage? It’s not unique to Westport, but my guess is that it’s cost cutting laziness and it needs to be addressed.

    • Bobbi Essagof

      I “believe” it has to do with private vs. public roads. I remember living on a private road in that area with a short STOP sign and being told by neighbors that it was “optional” because the town can’t enforce a sign on a private road. Needless to say, I always stopped and looked both ways because the “official” STOP signs on the cross street were often ignored, even by school busses!

  3. Monica K Buesser

    The “public” side of Pequot/Sylvan also has no stop sign. So it’s not just a public vs private thing.