Roundup: Easter Egg Hunt, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Roseville Full Stop …


For years, people have asked WestportMoms to sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt.

Get those baskets ready!

The social media wizards have hopped to it (ho ho). The event is set for this Saturday (April 2, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), on the big lawn in front of Saugatuck Congregational Church.

It includes make-your-own bags for egg collecting, courtesy of One River Art School; music by DJ Marcello; sports and games with Sara Holland; face painting; food trucks, pictures with the Easter Bunny — and of course, a hunt for 3,000 eggs.

The cost is $20 per family. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Save the Children Ukraine.


Jersey Mike’s’ Westport location may — or may not — be closed.

But the Norwalk store joins more than 2,000 others on Wednesday (March 30), in donating 100% of its sales to Special Olympics.

You read that right: Not 100% of profits. 100% of sales.

Making the offer even tastier, Westporters Rick Levin, Bob Levy and Sunny Sherman are buying a few hundred sandwiches. They’ll be donated to STAR of Norwalk, and Bridgeport’s Alpha Community Center and Cardinal Shehan Center.

The Jersey Mike’s at 360 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk has been excited to work with Rick, Bob and Sunny on their idea. They’re ready to make those sandwiches — and all others that area residents order, on that special day.


Many Westporters have expressed concern about the massive logs stored on the Post Road property near Roseville Road.

That’s not the only potential danger. Drivers heading south on Roseville have a tough enough time seeing westbound traffic, thanks to the blind curve.

Often now though, a logging truck parked on the lot makes it even harder.

There’s no “No Right Turn on Red” sign at that traffic light, for Roseville traffic. There should be.

Savvy motorists — at least, those turning right — cut through the McDonald’s parking lot.

Everyone else should just wait for the green.

(Photo/Joseph Signorile)


It’s the time of year for swans and their eggs. The annual ritual is today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature. This photo is from Riverside Avenue, near the boardwalk by the medical offices.

(Photo/Gabriela Bockhaus)


And finally … Taylor Hawkins, the ever-smiling, fierce drummer and occasional vocalist for Foo Fighters for more than 2 decades, died Friday in Colombia, at 50. Several drugs were reportedly found in his system. Click here for a full obituary.

7 responses to “Roundup: Easter Egg Hunt, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Roseville Full Stop …

  1. Logging: To add insult to injury, there has been a “Bert’s Tree” pick-up truck parked on the sidewalk across from the entrance to McDonalds. I haven’t looked specifically, but I would assume it is a “no parking” area.

  2. Susan Iseman

    Avoiding a red light by cutting through a parking lot is a traffic violation, if I am not mistaken. I believe the offense is called “evading responsibility.”

    • Connecticut General Statutes §14-224 – Evading Responsibility
      Definition of Evading Responsibility
      Stamford Evading Responsibility LawyerEvading responsibility, Connecticut General Statutes § 14-224, is also known as hit and run. It occurs when a driver involved in an accident leaves, rather than staying at the scene to provide their name and address or help someone who is injured. It is a very commonly charged crime in Connecticut. Often hit and run occurs when people panic and take off in terror. In other situations, individuals may be under the influence of alcohol of drugs and attempting to avoid being arrested for a DUI. A lot of people accused of this offense may not have realized that they were involved in an accident.

      One of the key terms in this statute, which greatly affects the level of the charge and the associated penalties, is “serious physical injuries.” Serious physical injuries are injuries that generate a substantial risk of death or that trigger serious disfigurement, impairment of health, or impairment or loss of function of a bodily organ.

      Evading responsibility cases that involve serious physical injuries or death are treated very seriously and are felony-level offenses punishable by years in jail. Hit and run cases involving property damage only are a misdemeanor level crime but must be defended aggressively as a conviction is a permanent criminal record and will result in a suspension of your license by the DMV. If you or a family member or loved one has been charged with evading responsibility, we encourage you to immediately contact our office to defend you aggressively and protect your driver’s license.

      • Werner Liepolt

        Rat running… obnoxious not savvy… because it’s using private lots, police don’t really have anything to charge the rat doing the running with. No doubt WAZE will soon incorporate the tactic.

    • joshua stein

      I think that cutting through a parking lot to avoid a red light is an offense, but its not “evading responsibility” – its a different charge.

  3. Yesterday there was a piece of cut log on the road at the stop light at the log pile! Debris from the log cutting will likely cause damage to someone’s car, if not an accident. It’s time to remove that unsightly mess from the Post Road!