Rowan: A Piercing Difference

Louisa Schneider founded Rowan* as a different kind of ear piercing company.

Every piercing is done by a licensed nurse. All products are hypoallergenic. The company believes each piercing should be a fun milestone to celebrate.

You can find Rowan at a couple of hundred Targets around the country. But there was only one stand-alone studio, on New York’s Upper East Side. A few more are planned, in cities like Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles.

The second one is here on Main Street, next to La Fenice Gelateria.

Rowan, on Main Street.

Since opening in August, Rowan has become a hit with the Westporters of all ages. Craig Melvin and his wife Lindsay Czarniak both got pierced there (he described his experience on the “Today” show).

Babies have been pierced there (it’s okay once they’ve received their first set of shots). A woman celebrated her 90th birthday with a double piercing.

“People love the experience,” says manager Brenda Melli, citing the welcoming white floors and bright walls. “If it’s a girl’s birthday, we give her a tiara.”

They’ve hosted kids’ parties, and Girls Nights Out with wine and cheese (these are older “girls,” I guess).

Last week, Rowan was certified to perform helix (cartilage) piercing. That procedure must be done by a licensed cosmetologist.

Rowan’s bright interior.

MeanwhileMelli looks forward to getting involved with organizations like the Westport Downtown Association. Rowan is sponsoring next month’s Minute Man Race.

On April 3, 9 and 10, they’ll welcome Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of the store.

So you can say Rowan really offers ear piercing and “s’more.”

*The name comes from the Rowan tree, which stands for protection, wisdom and guidance. Its vibrant red berries were long thought to be a magical guidepost for adventurers. Some cultures also believed Rowan trees were a portal into other worlds. Rowan is also the name of the place in North Carolina where Schneider’s family (most of them nurses and doctors) grew up. The name captures the mission to empower and build self-confidence through safe experiences, self-expression and community.

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  1. Dan, I think it’s great to support local small businesspeople, but suggest some skepticism in repeating their claims when they seem “off,” such as that ear-piercing for babies is “okay once they’ve received their first set of shots.” In fact, my skepticism led me to this posting on Johns Hopkins Medicine.,of%20infection%2C%22%20Rossi%20said.