Photo Challenge #377

Some weekly Photo Challenges stump some readers.

But when it comes to restaurants, you know your onions.

Last week’s image — of a weathered, wooden finger pointing to an entrance — hangs (of course!) at Little Barn. It’s one of our town’s most popular dining spots, and one of our most iconic signs. (Click here to see.)

Ken Runkel, Rich Stein, Patti Brill, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Seth Braunstein, Arthur Hayes, Janice Strizever, Pete Powell, Susan Yules, Jilda Mankas — and probably many more of you — nailed it.

So it’s back to a tough one this week. If you know where in Westport you would see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #377

  1. The wall of one of the garages at Old Mill.

  2. Art display inside the main pavilion at Sherwood Island State Park.

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Old Mill garages

  4. Michael Calise

    old mill garage

  5. Erica Caldwell

    Tree mosaic in the pavilion at Sherwood Island State Park

  6. Interesting split in the guesses. Those who think it’s in the Sherwood Island pavilion are correct!

  7. eileen belmont

    One, in a string of attached garages by the Mill Pond. This is the MOST incredible and creative personalized garage entry around town. An artistic inspiration!!

  8. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    I can tell it’s the mosaic at Sherwood Island because the one at Old Mill garage has little sayings running all through it, such as “…she sells sea shells…”
    Both mosaics are wonderful!

  9. Sherwood island. In the pavilion. My kids like to play “I spy” using this piece of art

  10. Michelle Garvey

    Is that part of the mosaic garage door by the mill pond?

  11. Melisa Didio

    Mill pond garage

  12. Susan Miller

    down on a garage at the Sherwood Mill pond

  13. Nicholas Clarke

    my kitchen

  14. Pavilion at Sherwood Island

  15. Cece Saunders

    Both the Tree Mosaic at the Sherwood Island State Park pavilion and the shell-encrusted private garage at the Mill Pond are the works of the same talented artist, Claudia Schattman. Claudia is a former board member of the Friends of Sherwood Island.