Unsung Hero #231

The last time we checked in with Virginia “Ginny” Jaffe, she was busy making masks.

In the year that Westport Masks — the group she co-founded — was in operation, they donated over 5,600 masks to frontline responders and workers, the elderly, and organizations in need. With money they received, they also gave $2,500 to local food pantries, and funded 5,000 meals. Not too shabby!

Ginny Jaffe, in her workroom during the Westport Masks project.


A year later, Ginny continues to give back.

Her twins no longer attend Greens Farms Elementary School. But when the school’s music director Suzanne Sherman Propp and orchestra leader Ellen Hardy decided to stage “Willy Wonka Kids” as their first show in 2 years, they thought of her.

She’d created most of the costumes for previous GFS plays. Could she help again?

“Sure!” Ginny said.

So — although she is no longer a GFS parent — she has now sewn all 60 costumes for the kids. She spent over 350 hours on the volunteer project.

A few of Ginny Jaffe’s costumes.

She had help from Liz Leary, whose 5th grade son plays the Candy Man. Liz helped cut fabric and label all 480 items.

Liz Leary provided valuable cutting and labeling help.

“It was a good way to give back to Westport,” Ginny says. “Ms. Propp and Ms. Hardy are amazing, doing this o top of everything else.”

So is Ginny — no longer an official Greens Farms El parent, but our Unsung Hero of the Week!

“Willy Wonka Kids” is a great show — with amazing costumes.

7 responses to “Unsung Hero #231

  1. Emily Mikesell

    So happy to see this! Had the pleasure of meeting Ginny at a WILLY WONKA KIDS rehearsal. Her costumes are gorgeous and exquisitely detailed — besides being beautifully made, I think some of her loveliness as a person must have rubbed off on them.

  2. Words cannot express my gratitude to Ginny (and Liz and the others) who spent countless hours working to make this production truly special. We are blessed as a community to have these folks in our midst, and our children are incredibly lucky benefactors! Thank you Dan for rightfully highlighting the hardworking and heartfelt effort.

  3. Danielle Dobin

    Amazing! Ginny’s costumes for The Lion King were simply incredible. So exciting to see her magic at work again. Thank you so much to Ginny and all the volunteers who support the wonderful performing arts in our schools.

  4. shobana mani

    Westport is lucky to have a gem like Ginny. Talent and a wonderful spirit to boot – not only doing the creative work but also managing the process and happily collaborating with others. Look forward to seeing much more from her 🙂

  5. Lauren MacNeill

    One correction. Her twins are most definitely boys. Which makes this even more amazing and generous!

  6. Ginny seeks out opportunities to give.. big heart full of love! Can’t wait to be blown away by the show & costumes as I was when I saw Lion King!

  7. Beatriz Jones

    So thankful to Ginny and the team she had helping her! She truly is a gem!