A Remarkable 3rd Season Set

The Remarkable Theater — the Imperial Avenue drive-in that popped up during the first, frightened summer of COVID, then established itself as a go-to institution last year — is ready for Year 3.

This almost-post-virus season launches April 29. For the next 6 months — through Halloween — they’ll offer comedy, drama, classic, horror, kids, animated films (and much more) for anyone with a car, and a couple of hours.

This year, The Remarkable will announce over half its schedule in advance. That makes it easy for moviegoers to plan their evenings — including tailgates — with family and friends.

The 2022 season will include an increase in family films, discounted weekday screenings and special events.

The first selection of movies and dates will be announced and go on sale March 29. Coincidentally (or not), it’s the day after the Academy Awards.

The Remarkable Theater (Drone photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)

The Remarkable is a true community non-profit. One of its missions is to provide employment for people with disabilities.

This Wednesday (March 16, 6 to 9 p.m., Westport Library), they’ll host an Open House. Board members, staff and volunteers will meet movie-goers, hear suggestions for films and events, and register individuals with disabilities to work this season.

In addition, students can apply for internships for the spring, summer and fall

The Remarkable plays short documentaries, focusing on local stories and organizations, before each feature film. If you’ve got an idea for a short video, let the staff know at the March 16 open house.

The Remarkable Theater is the place to be!

Information will also be available about film school opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

As in years past, The Remarkable is collaborating with local groups to sponsor special screenings. If you are part of an organization, school, business or non-profit that would like to host or produce a screening this year, come Wednesday night to meet with The Remarkable staff.

It should be a remarkable evening.


One response to “A Remarkable 3rd Season Set

  1. Peter MIhalick

    What’s Remarkable about this drive-in is that it’s been allowed without the proper zoning! Even though I’m all for the cause and that it was conceived during a difficult time, that doesn’t excuse it now continues without the neighbors involved and able to express their views on this disruptive venue. Why wasn’t the Longshore beach area considered.Lots of room and parking and we adjacent neighbors don’t have to deal with the noise traffic and litter as they drive up Thomas Rd throwing their used wrappers and plastic bottles out their car windows!!