Pic Of The Day #1783

Claudia Sherwood Servidio was at today’s Westport rally in support of Ukraine. So this photo of Sherwood Island State Park — showing that nation’s national colors — is particularly meaningful. And yes, though she moved here only a few months ago, she may be related to Westport’s famed Sherwood family.

(Photo/Claudia Sherwood Servidio)


2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1783

  1. Nanine Valen

    So beautiful! — this raw and uplifting photo of a tree’s wintering resilience — especially welcome this week we are witnessing the devastation and spirit in Ukraine!

    As far as the Westport Sherwood family goes, I lived in the structure that was the barn to their neighboring house on Hillspoint Rd from when I was 5 years old to adulthood. If Claudia might be from that Sherwood branch, I’m wondering if she has the flaming red hair and huge fingers of the sea-loving Sherwood brothers of Westport?

  2. Great and appropriate picture!